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I as well hate poorly behaving kids. I have on occasion gone up to families in restaurants and given praise to the parents of well behaved children. I respect well behaved children and give them praise whenever I can. If anything, it gives the parents positive feedback in them knowing that whatever they are doing is working!
Having done several hundred dives, I have encountered numerous shark, mostly tipped reef sharks. They are indeed beautify and deadly. I am very uncomfortable when they are around. Often (when they aren't too hungry) they will leave humans alone. It's when they hang around that gets us to call off the dive. I've had one bump me with his nose once. After the aborted dive, the divemaster informed me that is how they tell if you are edible or not, by how "hollow" you...
You might try asking a tailor in that town. The only one that comes to mind that I know of is Tom Wu, Sunny Gold Street 218, two blocks from the Lido Holiday Inn. He may know of a place. His cell #:13801333256. He is making a blazer for me. It should be ready when I return in August.
1956 Plymouth with a push button automatic. Whew! What a ride!
Fangio without question!
Perhaps you should ask who is riding at all? Never owned one, though they were at least back when I was riding, a very good OTR bike. I hope they have maintained their status in the bike community. It's been some years since I spun a gear. I had Carlton (way before they got bought by Raleigh in 1968) build a frame MTM and had it outfitted with Campy Record crank and derailleur (the steel record, not the alloy Nuovo Record, that should date me). This was when I was...
People who block the entire lane of a moving walkway at airports. It's not a carnival ride, OK?
AA: Alvin Community College BS: Fayetteville State Univ. MBA: Univ. of Houston
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