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Would love to see the deep purple, Craftsman. Sounds cool!
Thanks, Wooly--love the color of yours.
I was in Cannes a few days ago and had to purchase the Berluti "Un Jour." I have an Hermès Sac à Dépêches in black, so needed a brown bag.
Calabrese black leather travel bag from NoManWalksAlone Maglia Francesco black canopy umbrella with chestnut/horn handle from Hanger Project
Grey peccary gloves with purple edging from Exquisite Trimmings Orange deerskin gloves from Epaulet
coloRLOw, thank you! The Cartier leather is fantastic--nice weight and texture and good stitching. Also, Cartier will fix and repair if anything happens. I have been very happy with its quality so far.
Hermes long wallet in black epsom and limited edition Cartier passport wallet in green:
A few holiday-ish ties from Gaultier and Ferragamo.
Looking for a fun, crazy briefcase. Any thoughts on this BV--cool or absolutely hideous? If anyone has alternative suggestions or recommendations, would love to hear. Thank you. http://www.bottegaveneta.com/us/business-bag_cod45249743ed.html#itemPage=1
Sigh . . . http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-KITON-Green-Pebbled-Leather-Briefcase-Attache-Bag-NWT-4-250-/400830134544?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Backpacks&hash=item5d53567910
New Posts  All Forums: