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"I may be pudgy, but at least I don't have shredded arteries!"
I was inspired by Foo's diagram of his living room and thought I might offer a similar diagram of my own. This is a landscape design for my house which includes a new walkway from the front door to the street of individual concrete pads with a fill of river rocks between them. The design of the walkway was intended to join the front yard to the back yard by complementing the existing back patio which is immediately visible when coming in the front door and is also a...
Welcome back. We've missed you, scarphe.
If it makes you feel any better, I think she should have shot him with a gun.
I think you may be slightly inflating the influence of CE in shaping public opinion on gun rights. And I say that as an Excel warrior who owns all kinds of firearms for which GT believes I have neither need nor sufficient expertise.
Why do you keep engaging GT on this subject?
You should PM kennethpollock.
Maybe in the area of Eames lounge chair replicas?
This is a great example of the kind of thinking that might initially sound generous, pragmatic, and even wise but is precisely none of those.
Globe will be happy to know that they are starting to take steps in California with young kids towards his preferred gun policy. Elementary school holds toy gun buyback: http://news.msn.com/us/elementary-school-offers-toy-gun-buyback
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