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This reminds me of that scene in Backdraft where De Niro's character shows up as he does every year at the parole hearing for Donald Sutherland's character to goad him into talking about his pyromaniac fantasies and make sure that he's denied parole. Javyn and idfnl don't even need any goading to demonstrate why they're the kind of posters who should remain banned.
That's not cheap. They did the right thing upon seeing that the menu prices were higher than they were either able or inclined to pay. Cheap is staying for dinner but sticking you with their tab like post #3 above.
G's question got me wondering about residential rental property, something I've considered off and on for a couple years. Where I live, there is decent rental demand and the monthly rental rate is roughly 1% of the purchase price of the property so more than would be required to cover a mortgage payment, insurance, and small-to-medium maintenance expenses on the property. The value of the rental property itself is unlikely to either appreciate or depreciate much. What...
Yeah, unfortunately, they probably don't have more than $5 to their name.
Where does one find the second-hand market for Saarinen tables?
I wish that bulb were available in a 3500K color temperature. I thought that toning down the starkly white color of an LED bulb was one of the big manufacturing obstacles but now it seems like the only LED bulbs you can find are 2700K.
I split my time between that and maritime law.
You certainly don't let your ignorance in a particular area stop you from opining on it. We should get together and I could give you some tips on hospital administration.
Henrikc has very clearly illustrated the underlying principle of physics from which AWD vehicles cannot escape. Those of you who are saying that not all four wheels have equal "footing" in adverse conditions are referring to the advantage that AWD vehicles may have with respect to acceleration in such conditions, but it does not extend to either steering or braking.
That's precisely the situation I have in mind. Neither vehicle has an advantage because lateral traction determines the vehicles' turning capabilities and the lateral traction available to the vehicles is completely independent of the number of drive wheels.
New Posts  All Forums: