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Careful, one of the questions is about AWD traction in snow.
It wasn't obvious because of the talk of both E46s and E90s. You're right about the N52B30 being used with various degrees of external tuning in both the 325/328 and the 330.
I see. It does make sense to defer payment on the 2.3% student loan in order to take advantage of your company's 401k match. In fact, you should make sure that you max out your company's 401k match since it's essentially free money.
Depending on the term of your loan and the ratio of your loan principal at 7% vs. 2.3%, you may come out very slightly ahead (about 3-3.5% in total payments) if you do extended payment on the lower rate loan but ONLY if you devote the money you would have paid on the lower rate loan to paying down the balance on the higher rate loan. In other words, your monthly payment remains at $400. In any scenario in which you lower your monthly payment, you extend your payment...
The 3.0l M52 wasn't used in E46s after 2001. The 3.0l M54 replaced it through the end of the E46 model run in the US. The 2006 E90 used the 3.0l N52 motor. There were substantial engineering improvements (materials, valve train, fuel injection, etc.) made in both M54 and N52 engines that go way beyond intake, exhaust, and software to account for the differences in power.
That's true. There's probably a leak that's keeping the floor under the carpet wet.
Silver fish are attracted by moisture, but their mere presence, especially during the drier winter months, doesn't necessarily indicate a "bad moisture problem."
Even without the self-leveling system, the suspensions on the 3 and 5-series cars are significantly different with the parts for the 5-series costing more. In other words, maintenance costs on the 5-series are higher.
This reminds me of that scene in Backdraft where De Niro's character shows up as he does every year at the parole hearing for Donald Sutherland's character to goad him into talking about his pyromaniac fantasies and make sure that he's denied parole. Javyn and idfnl don't even need any goading to demonstrate why they're the kind of posters who should remain banned.
New Posts  All Forums: