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GF, where's the BBQ from? I go through Dallas once in a while, but despite being in Texas, it's slim pickings for good BBQ.
Frankly, both parties sound pretty lame. Obviously, notification of a job offer by email alone isn't the best ways of doing things, but I have no sympathy for people who can't figure out how email filtering works. If your email address is so overrun with junk email that you can't stay on top of what's important vs. what is spam, then you are to blame when you give that email address out to people as if it were a reliable means of communicating with you.
What's almost equally as encouraging is that it will be significantly lighter than the E90 M3 and about the same weight as the E46 M3. It sounds like it will be a beast with the increased torque of the turbo motor and lighter-weight drivetrain components such as a carbon fiber driveshaft.
Cost and longevity are two other big factors in the choice of SMG vs. manual. I think the jury is still out on the longevity of SMGs (though I shudder to think what the repair cost on one of those could be), but a properly maintained manual transmission will easily go hundreds of thousands of miles. There probably aren't too many manufacturers left who care very much about longevity beyond the warranty period on their cars, though. We small-timers who drive high mileage...
Props for doing it yourself. Do you know how much the dealer would have charged for that?
The market is not impressed:
It sounds like you may be considering the SSD as a replacement for your old hard drive. I would keep your old hard drive for storing media and other kinds of large files that don't really benefit from the faster access speeds of SSDs. Also, SSDs have come a long way in the past couple years, but they are still more failure-prone than many other kinds of disks. I don't keep any data files on SSDs that are not either unimportant or backed up to a secondary location such...
The Vulgate is not considered one of the better translations because Jerome relied so much on the Septuagint rather than the original Hebrew for much of the OT.
The ESV, NASB, and to a somewhat lesser degree the NIV, are well-regarded dynamic equivalency (at the level of the linguistic construct rather than simple word-for-word) translations that use modern English.
I don't know much about permeable concrete except that it's more $$ than regular concrete. I believe its permeability degrades over time as the pores clog with debris, too. For pavers, you can't understate the importance of a solid, compacted base underneath the pavers. They're generally inexpensive to repair unless the base is shot in which case it's $$$.
New Posts  All Forums: