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You should PM kennethpollock.
Maybe in the area of Eames lounge chair replicas?
Chrome has made it difficult for extensions to perform the kinds of blocking operations that AdBlock does. The "experimental" builds of AdBlock Plus for Chrome are the most effective in getting around those obstacles but they require a little extra effort to install. http://adblockplus.org/development-builds/experimental-adblock-plus-for-chrome-builds-available-with-better-blocking
I'd be comfortable doing that for street driving.
A small to moderate mismatch in grip between front and rear tires is not that big of a deal. The greater the mismatch, the more important it is to have the better-gripping tires in the rear, though.
I have not been in this market or kept up with these guys in a long time, but I have a friend who is looking to spend about $500 on a suit and I am trying to steer him away from Macy's. I am thinking of places such as Suit Supply and Thick as Thieves. Are there other places that I should recommend to him?
You can't tell anything from those photos. You need to get a gauge and measure the tread depth, e.g., left is 5/64" and right is 3/64" or whatever. It's not likely that it's your differential which is lucky for you since that would be a $$$ repair.
Pretty impressive. I can't see how they can avoid raising their bottle price by at least $50 given what it must have cost to design and build that building, though.
I'd be careful. I did a flush with BMW fluid on a family member's 70k auto transmission and three months later I had to do a full rebuild on it to the tune of about $5k. BMW must go to the ends of the earth to find the most brittle auto transmissions possible.
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