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The market is not impressed:
It sounds like you may be considering the SSD as a replacement for your old hard drive. I would keep your old hard drive for storing media and other kinds of large files that don't really benefit from the faster access speeds of SSDs. Also, SSDs have come a long way in the past couple years, but they are still more failure-prone than many other kinds of disks. I don't keep any data files on SSDs that are not either unimportant or backed up to a secondary location such...
I don't know much about permeable concrete except that it's more $$ than regular concrete. I believe its permeability degrades over time as the pores clog with debris, too. For pavers, you can't understate the importance of a solid, compacted base underneath the pavers. They're generally inexpensive to repair unless the base is shot in which case it's $$$.
That sounds overly expensive for a generic driveway. I just had a bunch of concrete work done including a new driveway. I did not go with the lowest bid because there were some tricky parts to the job and I wanted it done by someone who would stand behind his work. In any case, his quote for standard driveway work (rip out old driveway, frame new driveway with rebar at 18", pour new 300psi concrete at 4" depth) was $5-6 per square foot. That would be $5500-6500 for...
Thanks for the interesting write-up. I would think that in terms of longevity, the GPU is going to be more important than the CPU in those phones and the Adreno 320 of the Moto X is way faster than the Adreno 305 of the One Mini. I would also think that the Moto X would be the subject of some pretty serious bootloader unlocking and root efforts given the amount of hype around it.
Mild revision.
Those first four years really were the golden era of SF.
The arrival of posters such as bigbris marked the beginning of the decline.
There is as of yesterday: not sure if it works on CDMA phones.
The Google Play edition is not available subsidized on a carrier contract. Said another way, you can use it while freely switching carriers as you prefer. Hopkins_student is presumably obligated to stick with Verizon for the next 24 months. That's especially useful if you're one of those people that is always upgrading to the latest phone. Btw, switching from a regular to Google Play edition is also possible with the HTC One.
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