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Well, the posted examples are the worst kind. There are fans with much lower-profile light kits. I'm not saying they look better than the same fan with no light at all, but there's a certain practicality that ceiling-mounted lights have over lamps. I have some fan-lights similar to the posted ones that I am looking to replace with something along the following lines:
At the risk of incurring idnfl's rage, I will admit that I have the same.
+1. I've been really impressed with Michelin's Pilot Sport A/S tires. For a small-timer that doesn't swap wheels and tires for different seasons, I'm happy to find a tire that offers winter A/S capabilities while compromising very little in the way of street summer tire performance.
SO has one. I think Motorola did a really good job of building a phone with an excellent user experience as opposed to Samsung who just churns out phones with ever-increasing tech specs that do not necessarily result in more functional phones. I really hope Motorola is successful with it because I would love to see manufacturers stop with the meaningless specs wars and focus on building phones that people actually like using. I would get one for myself, but the...
I'm nowhere near big-timer status or anything like that, but I'd happily pay 10-15% more for guys who were known to do good work and to stand behind it. One bad contractor can totally wipe out a 10-15% cost savings on a project. My dilemma has been that even the highly-rated Angie's List guys can be hit or miss.
The code academy or bootcamp route prepares you to be an individual contributor on a project where the higher-level architecture and frameworks are already defined or built out by a developer with a deeper understanding of those kinds of things. I think the advice above is useful if you aspire to be that higher-level guy at some point in the future because bootcamps won't get you there. Plenty of people make good livings doing the former, though, and oddly enough, being...
Just picked up a Nexus 5 and ditched Verizon for T-Mobile. For the 18 hours that I've played with it, I'm not regretting either choice. The phone is great and T-Mobile's LTE speeds are better than Verizon in my area and T-Mobile's plan is 40% of the cost of the Verizon plan.
A generous friend just let me drive his 997 Turbo S. The PDK transmission is impressive and the car is stupid fast without sacrificing everyday driveability.
Buying M3s from enthusiasts is the worst because they all think their cars are worth more than market value.
That reminds me of Wayfarer's Chapel in Palos Verdes minus the ocean view.
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