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Unfortunately, it's hard to come by good TCO numbers. The ZHP has the same known weak points as other E46s -- rear subframes, VANOS seals, control arm ball joints, oil filter housing gaskets, etc. As much as I like them, they are not low maintenance cars. The ZHP does have an exceptional combination of handling and ride quality. It's not too hard to find one or the other, but both are pretty unusual to come by. I don't know anything about the Evo, and I can certainly...
It won't really be much different than maintenance on a regular E46 330i or 325i. The ZHP suspension uses higher-quality components than other non-M E46s and therefore lasts longer though parts of it (especially bushings) are going to feel tired by 100k miles. $10-15k is the top end of the scale, so you could afford to buy one in tip-top condition. I usually go the other direction and get a cheap one that I know needs work because I know that even the best cars are...
Unfortunately, police departments these days seem to excel in recruiting people who could go through 1600 hours of firearms training and still be complete menaces on the street. Truly unfortunate because it casts a pall over the reputation of all cops when there are a lot of cops out there who are genuinely decent.
I meant solar shades. As I said before, they will allow light in and preserve your ability to see outside while preventing people from seeing in during the day. I suppose they're not entirely unlike reflective film in that regard though I would prefer shades to film in most residential applications.
Solar shades will allow light in and preserve your ability to see outside while preventing people from seeing in during the day. They may provide less privacy at night when it is dark outside and you have interior lights on.
I don't know. Those all sound like Modest Proposals to me.
I've played with one. They seem appealing at the $300-400 point, but at $1300, it's hard to see the appeal.
I don't follow your first two questions, but I do think I misread Piobaire's post.
Well, you're free to interpret that as you wish, but I'm not exactly overwhelmed by the fact that 0.03183% of the US population has clicked a button on change.org.
I dug up that info and Hunter Douglas was the one I was thinking of. Oddly enough, they are available through custom order from Home Depot. What I don't know is Hunter Douglas makes a lower line of shades for Home Depot that is not as good as what you would get through a designer or other trade representative.
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