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The code academy or bootcamp route prepares you to be an individual contributor on a project where the higher-level architecture and frameworks are already defined or built out by a developer with a deeper understanding of those kinds of things. I think the advice above is useful if you aspire to be that higher-level guy at some point in the future because bootcamps won't get you there. Plenty of people make good livings doing the former, though, and oddly enough, being...
Just picked up a Nexus 5 and ditched Verizon for T-Mobile. For the 18 hours that I've played with it, I'm not regretting either choice. The phone is great and T-Mobile's LTE speeds are better than Verizon in my area and T-Mobile's plan is 40% of the cost of the Verizon plan.
A generous friend just let me drive his 997 Turbo S. The PDK transmission is impressive and the car is stupid fast without sacrificing everyday driveability.
Buying M3s from enthusiasts is the worst because they all think their cars are worth more than market value.
That reminds me of Wayfarer's Chapel in Palos Verdes minus the ocean view.
If you're referring to the difference in tread depth between the two rear tires, there's nothing intrinsic to tread depth that affects the dry (or wet w/o standing water) traction of a tire.
I thought that the waist, front rise, and rear rise measurements were generally sufficient to determine the fit of a pair of trousers through the seat and thighs. I have one pair of trousers that fits quite well and I bought another pair in a different cut from the same store that had the same waist, front rise, and rear rise assuming that they would fit equally well. Unfortunately, that second pair does not fit nearly as well as the first. The second pair feels much...
GF, where's the BBQ from? I go through Dallas once in a while, but despite being in Texas, it's slim pickings for good BBQ.
Frankly, both parties sound pretty lame. Obviously, notification of a job offer by email alone isn't the best ways of doing things, but I have no sympathy for people who can't figure out how email filtering works. If your email address is so overrun with junk email that you can't stay on top of what's important vs. what is spam, then you are to blame when you give that email address out to people as if it were a reliable means of communicating with you.
What's almost equally as encouraging is that it will be significantly lighter than the E90 M3 and about the same weight as the E46 M3. It sounds like it will be a beast with the increased torque of the turbo motor and lighter-weight drivetrain components such as a carbon fiber driveshaft.
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