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Yeah, I could see them eventually offering two phones of different sizes, but I can't imagine that they would go up to a 5" screen size for their only phone.
The choices for Android phones seem pretty straightforward these days. If you value the fastest software updates and a "stock" experience, the Nexus 5 is the clear choice. If build quality and premium feel are important to you, it's the HTC One M8. If overall usability and/or a smaller form factor is important, it's the Moto X. If you want a phablet, it's the Note 3. If you want to have a respectable but not especially remarkable phone that will nevertheless sell...
You should look into an NTI bite guard. They don't work for everyone, but for the lucky people they do, they eliminate grinding and all its side effects.
A $40 chainsaw rental from Home Depot would make pretty short work of those trees, too.
I would like to use fiber cement siding along the lines of the dark gray stuff in the photo below as the exterior cladding for my garage, but I'm having a hard time finding good information on it. There's a wealth of information on the lapped, faux wood grain Hardiplank stuff, but I want more modern smooth finished, non-overlapped siding panels. I need to choose a manufacturer and from what little I can find, James Hardy is the ubiquitous, middle-of-the-road choice,...
Thanks, but that was my grandfather. I'll pass your sentiments along to him.
Pretty cool site if accurate, but at least for me, USAA EDIT: Just saw the follow-up. GEICO is notorious for that kind of thing.
That's a good way of putting it -- reliable engine and transmission, but expect to replace many other $200-600 things somewhere between 80k and 200k miles.
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