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Nexus 7 16GB prices are dropping to $199 are this Friday when Google releases the 32GB version of the Nexus 7. That makes for a price differential of $130 or 165% between the 16GB models.
Glad to see that Matt got around to fixing that annoying misspelling in the member name of our resident Apple aficionado.
There are regular Android apps such as Where's My Droid that do essentially the same thing as Find My iPhone without having to involve Google or Apple.I read about a murder case where the defendant's fabricated alibi was shown to be false by his EZ Pass records. They subpoenaed the EZ Pass photos from the toll station that pictured him in his car in a location other than the one he claimed.
They're all grammatically correct with the possible quibble that "that time" might be more appropriate than "this time" for actions that occurred entirely in the past. The verb constructions you've chosen differ only in grammatical aspect.
Fair point. He's being a little unfair to the aforementioned Verizon rep.
I get it now. You're kidding around with us because you already know that the whitespace in Gmail is a direct consequence of its "machine language implementation" in your web browser. And so you know that the only way to eliminate it is with a client-side script that strips that element from the Gmail page's DOM. At least, I think it is. I have only 1.5TB on my computer so I'm not as tech savvy.
But you are tech savvy?
Icons appear to be messed up. The icon for a thread with no new messages is now the Facebook icon. The member profile icon is now some kind of quarter circle. The "offline" indicator icon now looks like some kind of chess piece. The "report post" icon now looks like some kind of green crosshair. Others, too, but that should be a start.
Definitely engineered hardwood due to the lower price, then. Just make sure you choose a wood species and brand of engineered hardwood that is known to stand up to canine traffic.
You typically put down either a full plywood base or a sleeper base (strips of wood affixed to the slab to provide a nailing surface for the flooring) when installing full hardwoods on a concrete slab. Obviously, that adds to the cost. Engineered hardwoods can be installed in a floating fashion (i.e., glued down) on a slab. While engineered hardwoods do expand and contract less with humidity than solid hardwoods, that shouldn't be too much of a concern because a proper...
New Posts  All Forums: