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I think you mean the Nexus 7. In either case, that article is pretty helpful in its discussion of what software will and will not be initially available on both devices, but his assertion that you restated above that the Surface RT is not a computer like the Surface Pro is overly simplistic and wrong. In any meaningful sense of the word, the Surface RT is a computer. It just does not run the same version of Windows that the Surface Pro does. Obviously, that limits the...
Electricity costs are just as big of a deal where summers are hot. Both NY and NJ electricity prices are horrible.
I can't believe I'm going to agree with Mouse on something, but +1 to the above. I can't fathom why MS would have chosen in Windows 8 to force together two completely different UI experiences that are suitable for two different classes of devices. The only explanation that makes any sense to me is that they are building familiarity with their near-zero-market-share mobile OS by forcing their huge base of desktop users to use it. It's really too bad because the classic...
Ad Block Plus, people. I don't see how you could stand to use the internets without it.
Mouse, nothing you are saying makes sense. Google is committed to building an open platform which doesn't include the incorporation of technologies that are carrier-specific as LTE currently is. They regretted doing it with the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and chose not to make the same mistake with the Nexus 4. Apple is the complete opposite with a rigidly controlled platform. Obviously they have more sway with the carriers since their handsets sell more units than any...
Nexus 7 16GB prices are dropping to $199 are this Friday when Google releases the 32GB version of the Nexus 7. That makes for a price differential of $130 or 165% between the 16GB models.
Glad to see that Matt got around to fixing that annoying misspelling in the member name of our resident Apple aficionado.
There are regular Android apps such as Where's My Droid that do essentially the same thing as Find My iPhone without having to involve Google or Apple.I read about a murder case where the defendant's fabricated alibi was shown to be false by his EZ Pass records. They subpoenaed the EZ Pass photos from the toll station that pictured him in his car in a location other than the one he claimed.
They're all grammatically correct with the possible quibble that "that time" might be more appropriate than "this time" for actions that occurred entirely in the past. The verb constructions you've chosen differ only in grammatical aspect.
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