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Here's one from no-way-is-that-actually-true file:
In other news, Liechtenstein just announced that their security forces are now WMD-capable.
I'd be careful. I did a flush with BMW fluid on a family member's 70k auto transmission and three months later I had to do a full rebuild on it to the tune of about $5k. BMW must go to the ends of the earth to find the most brittle auto transmissions possible.
That show is ridiculously over the top. The population of Los Angeles would be halved if all the cops on the LAPD shot as many people as the main 5 or 6 cops on that show.
And that's why I appreciate that our government makes an effort to ensure that no one ends up with too much of a good thing.
Not to mention, despite your best intentions, you will not drive it very often. If you end up staying in NYC for a couple years and do the typical once or twice per month drive and then calculate your cost, you'll find it in the high three digits to the low four digits per drive.
Whether you rent a garage space or park on the street, your car will be molested in NYC. There are certainly ballers who still buy $$$ cars and just deal with the damage, but I am not one of them. I gave up my M and got an E30 so each new ding, scrape, busted taillight, etc., wasn't a catastrophe. Truth be told, the E30 was very nearly as much fun to drive as the M, but that's a topic for a different thread.
You still thinking about moving to NYC? This is not the kind of automobile purchase you want to make before moving there.
There really should be a law against assaulting TSA officers.
They're both important, but a person with an Ivy degree who also works hard, gets internships (which will be easier for him) and networks well is going to do a lot better than a person from a tier 2 school who works hard, gets internships, and networks well. Like it or not, the Ivy name on a diploma gets a resume to the top of the stack.
New Posts  All Forums: