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Thanks, I had not considered that. I'll have to look into that although I would imagine such a service must cost more than new mid-range door knobs.
This is one of my current dilemmas, too. I have some ~60 year-old brass door knobs in my house, but their internals are pretty shot. I get the appreciation for the "authenticity" of the patina on them, but they suck as door knobs. Frankly, I think they were the builder grade door knob of their day. I would love to replace them with something reasonably high-end such as Emtek, but the cost per unit is too much for a small-timer like me. I will probably end up replacing...
Arg, what I thought was going to be a pretty straightforward project to enclose my carport into a garage is getting a lot pricier. The architect wants a structural engineer's assessment of the existing carport structure (that will cost $$) and knowing structural engineers, he'll probably need to justify his existence by recommending some kind of steel beam to correct a slight sag in one of the roof beams. I could easily correct the sag with some bracing but that's not...
All the scenes with the special forces guys smacked of some Hollywood writer's imagining of them. I guess it's like nearly any film on a subject in which you have particular expertise -- the depictions are going to seem wooden and fake. What I thought was especially unrealistic was the amount of time the special forces team took to clear the entire compound. The shooting was over in minutes. The bulk of the ~30 minutes on the ground was spent gathering intel.
I thought the last 30 minutes were as equally unrealistic as the first 2.x hours of the movie. It's definitely a story worth telling -- why not do it right?
Syncing of what kind of content? It syncs easily with a variety of cloud services and there are third-party options for syncing with some other kinds of desktop content.
That's because the value of a staggered tire setup is generally increased lateral traction in good road conditions. Staggered setups are generally of little or even negative value in adverse weather conditions which is why narrower tires are often preferred for winter and especially for snow conditions.
I don't disagree. My original remark was based on the OP's statement that he wanted a career in CS. A relatively small percentage of CS careers requires or benefits from a PhD.
You may very well be correct. That still does not mean that the ROI on a PhD in computer science is good. (In fact, what it more likely means is simply that the average income and demand for PhDs in other fields is particularly poor.) The average salary for a CS major with a PhD isn't much higher than the average salary for a CS major with a bachelors degree. Add to that the fact that very few CS positions require a PhD or care that you have one. In other words, it's a...
If you're looking at a career in CS, the ROI on a graduate degree in CS is pretty low.
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