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That's precisely the situation I have in mind. Neither vehicle has an advantage because lateral traction determines the vehicles' turning capabilities and the lateral traction available to the vehicles is completely independent of the number of drive wheels.
I have although it's not relevant since one does not have to do that in order to understand basic physics.
There is no AWD advantage when turning. There is an advantage when accelerating under some but not all conditions. So what you are left with is no advantage when braking or turning and an advantage under select circumstances when accelerating. The first two are critical for safe driving in adverse conditions. The last is much less important.
I step on the brakes or turn the steering wheel. How does AWD give me more "chances for traction" in either of those situations?
Someone who knew vacuum cleaners once recommended buying a reconditioned commercial upright vacuum from one of the many vacuum repair shops out there. They're low on frills, but they're designed to run hours a day in hotels, office buildings, etc., and should hold up to residential use a lot better than whatever plastic garbage is on the vacuum aisle at your local big box store.
I don't know anything about Suit Supply, but with regard to the darkness of the blue fabric, it's obviously impossible to tell from any kind of photo. I wouldn't stress too much about what constitutes a precise midnight blue because a sufficiently dark blue is going to be seen as black by 95% of the people out there. I don't know the circumstances under which you will be seeing the fabric in person, but keep in mind that medium and low light situations are the typical...
This reminds me of Piobaire's insistence a little while back that AWD vehicles handle better than FWD or RWD in adverse weather conditions. Who knew that second differential on an AWD vehicle actually changed tire composition, suspension geometry, and weight distribution when adverse weather conditions were detected?
Thanks, I had not considered that. I'll have to look into that although I would imagine such a service must cost more than new mid-range door knobs.
This is one of my current dilemmas, too. I have some ~60 year-old brass door knobs in my house, but their internals are pretty shot. I get the appreciation for the "authenticity" of the patina on them, but they suck as door knobs. Frankly, I think they were the builder grade door knob of their day. I would love to replace them with something reasonably high-end such as Emtek, but the cost per unit is too much for a small-timer like me. I will probably end up replacing...
Arg, what I thought was going to be a pretty straightforward project to enclose my carport into a garage is getting a lot pricier. The architect wants a structural engineer's assessment of the existing carport structure (that will cost $$) and knowing structural engineers, he'll probably need to justify his existence by recommending some kind of steel beam to correct a slight sag in one of the roof beams. I could easily correct the sag with some bracing but that's not...
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