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Sony sells a lot more phones overseas than in the US, but their smartphone revenues are roughly on par with HTC's smartphone revenues. I guess that means they could be classified as a smaller player in the Android market but that kinda' illustrates my point in that they offer a smaller device with specs roughly equivalent (and much higher build quality) to Samsung's flagship Galaxy S5 and people aren't knocking down their door to buy their phones.
About the closest you can get to that is Sony's 4.6" Xperia Z3 Compact which has the same specs as it's "full-size" Xperia Z3 and is close to the size of the iPhone 5. I wish it sold well and was evidence of market demand for high-end, moderately-sized phone, but it doesn't really sell that well.
It's not just the bezels, but the areas above and below the screen. The new phones have a surprisingly low screen size to phone size ratio. The following photos are not actual size, but are to scale. The iPhone 6 on the left has a 4.7" screen. The Galaxy S5 has a 5.1" screen and is somewhat bigger. The Nexus 5 has a 4.95" screen is noticeably smaller than the iPhone.The difference is even more dramatic with the iPhone 6 Plus. From left to right, iPhone 6 Plus with...
Autotrader used to be the most reliable way to sell a car online, but I think Craigslist has overtaken it due primarily to the higher volume of traffic that it receives. You will have to filter out the dumb tire-kickers whether you use CL or AT. Ebay seems to work for higher-end or specialty cars where a buyer is willing to travel or ship a car. An E60 M5 fits that category.
I'm sure it is. If I ever make it to medium-timer from small-timer, it will be one of the first things I do.
All true. Unfortunately, fuel stabilizer helps only with the problem of gasoline degrading as it ages. It does nothing to prevent ethanol from gumming up the internals of the engine, carb, fuel lines, etc.
Red Max and Stihl are the most common brands you see all the commercial crews using. I generally prefer to buy used commercial equipment off Craigslist at a somewhat lower price than new consumer grade equipment. The commercial grade stuff will last forever if you take care of it and you're using it only for your own yard and you get the benefits of the commercial grade stuff which is generally better power, lower cost of operation, and better "repairability" -- i.e.,...
It's pretty hard to beat the price and availability of Hardie. This is certainly more expensive fiber cement out there such as Nichiha, but I'm not sure what the value proposition is. I went round and round with considerations for cladding the exterior of a new garage I put up that had a more modern feel to it and in the end, I went with Hardie siding combined with Tamlyn Xtreme trim as it was much cheaper and more readily available.
I agree that the US played lackadaisically in the final minutes when they should have locked Portugal down. That said, the whole completely opaque "injury time" thing is a total crock. Portugal scores 4:50 into overage time and 5 seconds later the game is over. Yeah, I buy that. FIFA needs to add an official timekeeper with a visible clock so that this nonsense doesn't happen anymore.
I prefer winter tires to AWD because winter tires will help you accelerate, steer, and brake whereas AWD helps you accelerate but does not help you brake or steer (there's some steering advantage with AWD in certain circumstances, but not ones that the average street driver is likely to experience). Of course, there's nothing stopping you from using both AWD and winter tires, but since you pointed out the extra weight of the AWD system, it seems that is a priority for...
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