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I'm going to enlist AY in this discussion (most likely against his will):
With the cams, gearing, and tuning, they drive a lot better than a regular E46 330i/is.Certainly they are no M3 nor worth anywhere near as much. They are a great value when you find a seller (as I did) who does not know what a ZHP is and who lists it as a regular 330i.
I have over 200k miles on my ZHP and it's fine and nearly the perfect choice for a DD given its fun factor and low TCO. It's pretty rare for VANOS to just "go out." What does happen on all the M5x motors is that the crappy oil seals in the VANOS unit degrade so that it becomes less and less effective at lower RPMs. The fix is to install a set of $60 aftermarket seals from Beisan Systems that are made of a different material that doesn't degrade over time. They're probably...
I think that particular M3 is overpriced, but I've owned a number of E46s and my current DD is an E46 with >200k miles on it and the maintenance costs, while certainly higher than those on something like a Honda Accord, are not particularly high. Barring something truly catastrophic, my TCO with the maintenance costs is much lower than it would be on a newer car. The only reason for me to consider something newer is if I decide I'm willing to pay more for the features or...
E46s with reinforced subframes aren't especially common. There was a class action lawsuit against BMW in which they were required to pay for subframe repairs for cars that had damaged subframes, but that ended back in 2010 so there weren't a lot of people that benefited from that. If I were buying an E46 today, I'd probably just buy one that I knew was going to need a suspension overhaul for ~$3k. The lowest mileage specimens are going to be priced at a premium and are...
And flipping the tires eliminated the vibration? Most directional summer tires will perform equally in dry conditions regardless of direction, but perhaps the more prominent tread of winter tires makes them more sensitive to directionality.
Of course you are not going to get more slackers in CC when the government is picking up their tuition for the first two years. I mean, who's arguing otherwise?
I wish Dopey posted more often.
Good call. Those cars last much longer if they're never driven above 4000rpm and 3/4 throttle.
As all reasonable people would agree, of course.
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