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Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 3. Who drinks redbull in a mug? THEN goes to bed? The caffeine doesn't affect some folks... I can drink a few red bulls and sleep no problem. As an addiction gets worse, you need more and more of it to affect you.
I think since my last update about 6 weeks ago, I have read... Radicals for Capitalism : A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement - Brian Doherty A Game as Old as Empire - Steven Hiatt (this is the sequal to Confession of an Economic Hitman) Deluxe : How Luxury Lost its Luster - Dana Thomas Greenspan's Bubbles - Fleckenstien Currently reading: What Does China Think - Mark Leonard This so far is a really good book. It is...
Just watch Jeopardy when there is someone with a southern accent... it isn't the most intellegent sounding accent. Heaven forbid you don't hire someone b/c they speak ebonics though - thats racist... but not hiring a hick is A-Okay.
Tanning bed / natural tanning / get outside more? I guess came to mind because you said they only look red/purple b/c you are getting more and more pale.
If you train your dog well, there will be no pee-breaks at 2 in the morning. If you train your dog well, it won't jump up on your wife's dress. If you train your dog well, it will not tear up the furniture. ...just saying... You can get a leash for a cat and walk it like a dog. You just have to get the cat acclamated to it. Certain breeds need a ton of excerize... like the Bengal, which is the type of cat I reallly want. IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted...
I really liked it. There was a few times where I laughed and noone else did, haha... Feels kind of wierd - expecting everyone to laugh, but noone does. Congratulations, you are now retarded in three languages.
I would not be worried. He may be copying your style, but then it isn't his style and probably can't pull it off like you and he usually ends up looking like a tool.
I picked the BSon b/c the other one has the zipper end very abruptly in the middle of your chest. It seems very out of place.
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