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I think it seems like everyone wants enough money to not worry about money (financially speaking). thats me, too.... the only difference is the amount of money it takes not to have to worry about it
If it mainly peels around facial hair (when you have it) and your eyebrows... along with a bad case of dandruff, it is possible you have the same skin disease as me. I have flaky facial skin, but they are oily flakes that mainly concentrate around my hairline and facial hair... it pretty much sucks... b/c moisturzers don't work
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Nice. What sort of field are you in? I will be making about $1 a week out of college. My degree is Computer Engineering, but the job is a Controls Engineer.
I am really looking forward to spending a bit of money this year. It is my first year out of college and I got a pretty decent paying job. I grew up with tight-wad parents in a tight-wad environment... Macbook (for mom) Frog Terrarium (estimating the build to be around $400) Desk+Chair (sister is interior designer and gets 90% off Herman Miller) 2 season tickets for Predators Hockey (usually get 1) . . . and I would like to try and knock out a large percentage of my...
3 million new jobs. 80% private sector That means 600,000 public sector. Does the public sector automatically mean government? (i really dont know - not trying to be sarcastic / make a point)
Quote: Originally Posted by G79 Gore has to be right. Hes smart, he invented the interwebs. he also invented global warming
Quit biting fingernails. Stop telling "me too" stories after someone tells a story. Read Bible chronologically.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Ron Paul is great, but the fact that he's a die hard creationist is very off-putting. ...because that matters for government decisions...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus Jesus drank wine. Heck, he probably got plastered with his best buds at the Last Supper. What else would YOU do if God came down and told you you were to die the next day? On topic: I think I've gone a day or two without the sauce before.....my memory's hazy. Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Among all the things David thanked the Lord for in Ps. 104, he notes: "And wine that...
I am a pretty conservative Christian ( church of Christ) and it is my belief that consumption is wrong. I think I'll just leave it at that... knowing that a great many Christians will disagree with me - but I don't think thats an argument for this thread.
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