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I wish these were all size 8's.
It sounds like you have more of an issue with your brother than you do your brother's wife. You can't even have sibling discourse. I think you can have an effective relationship with your brother's girlfriend even if you don't like her - if your brother facilitates it. It should be your brother's responsibility to ween her into your family's atmosphere. That said... with the title, I like my brother-in-law. I would be his friend even without my sister.
The mall gains a nickname based on a known rough area... Hickory Hollow was the mall... now referred to as Hickory Harlem.
as physical as football hand-eye coordination like baseball endurance like basketball what isnt to love?
I remove my shoes in my appartment, but do not expect others to remove theirs and take no offense when they don't. When I go to someone else's house for the first time, I look at their feet. If they remove them, I will also. Sometimes I'll just ask them upfront. -kind of like beginning to eat when not everyone has gotten their food at a restaraunt. I try to do it, but don't expect anyone else to.
I grew up living in an orchard and asparagus grew wild around the edges of it. I loved eating it raw - picked straight from the ground... nowadays, I usually just steam it in the microwave in tupperware. Toss in 1/4 cup water and lay a layer of asparagus, mist it, salt+pepper, lay another wayer, mist, more salt, etc... then put in tupperware and crack one corner. Nuke it for 5 minutes and get 2 tbsp butter and spread around on top. I eat it this way about 2x per...
I thought the Dark Knight was good... for a superhero movie. I only see very few of them b/c they are so terrible, but was dragged into seeing Dark Knight. I thought There Will be Blood knocked everything else's socks off from the ones I saw. Burn After Reading was very funny and wasn't caught by the high-school/will ferrel/adam sandler/peepee/poopoo/sex jokes that many movies have to rely on to assert their humor. I am curious to go see a few that I must have missed......
If it mainly peels around facial hair (when you have it) and your eyebrows... along with a bad case of dandruff, it is possible you have the same skin disease as me. I have flaky facial skin, but they are oily flakes that mainly concentrate around my hairline and facial hair... it pretty much sucks... b/c moisturzers don't work
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Nice. What sort of field are you in? I will be making about $1 a week out of college. My degree is Computer Engineering, but the job is a Controls Engineer.
I am really looking forward to spending a bit of money this year. It is my first year out of college and I got a pretty decent paying job. I grew up with tight-wad parents in a tight-wad environment... Macbook (for mom) Frog Terrarium (estimating the build to be around $400) Desk+Chair (sister is interior designer and gets 90% off Herman Miller) 2 season tickets for Predators Hockey (usually get 1) . . . and I would like to try and knock out a large percentage of my...
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