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I bought the Corner Leg Platform West Elm bed and like it a lot. I am not sure on the forum consensus on West Elm is though. I have liked it since I bought it. I think I may have done everything anti-forum consensus though, b/c I also bought a Tempur-pedic mattress.
running your own little ebay auction in the B&S forum, huh?
It is a private school. I dont see anything wrong with their actions. I disagree with them, but nothing they did is wrong.
Go to a big church that is having a potluck in the south... mmmmmmmm Just don't worry about calories...
just search for anything by Carmen...
Quote: Originally Posted by CTGuy I am equally clueless, but I picked up some Citi at 1.40 and some Ford at 1.85. I got Ford at 1.81 and American Express at 9.90. Other than that... I am slamming my 401K.
I usually say Thanks You, (yes, thats pressent progressive) I have never seen it used before... so i feel a little origanl closing with it.
Churches of Christ Disaster Relief I volunteer for them every so often packing the packages they ship to disaster zones.
Quote: Originally Posted by scarphe well you know it is the student´s fault he did not get on the ground and in postion to have a club stuffed up his ass. he shoudl really leanr to be more respectful.
3.5 Miles 32 Minutes. Slow and steady pace.
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