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Go to a big church that is having a potluck in the south... mmmmmmmm Just don't worry about calories...
just search for anything by Carmen...
I usually say Thanks You, (yes, thats pressent progressive) I have never seen it used before... so i feel a little origanl closing with it.
3.5 Miles 32 Minutes. Slow and steady pace.
I want your car, btw Name it "Shalula"
Fuji after 2 weeks sitting at room temperature. I am not even kidding... try it. Fun fact that noone cares about: I lived in the middle of a 300 acre apple orchard until I was 7. Buy any Washington apple - it has a decent about a 1/15 chance that my grandpa will get a penny or so from it. Any apple picked right from the tree is the best. A freshly picked, well grown Red delicious apple is my favorite, but I haven't been able to eat them since I last went back to...
My favorite line: "The media doesn't talk about the Ludacris foundation." -Simmons
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