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I shave my balls and any "moss thats growing on the tree" in the shower every day... makes it easy to maintain. I only trim the outerlying areas. I use a Fusion, btw.
1987 Nissan Stanza. Bought with 230k miles on it. Costed $800 Had it for 13k miles. Learned the importance of an oil change after going 8k miles and the engine blowing.
I dont wear cowboy boots, but i love what I would call "fashion boots". i.e. Mark Nason type boots. they aren't quite the same - but similar
Diesel Farco 85W are straight-leg grey jeans. the back pockets may be a little more "showy" than some want though...
Quote: Originally Posted by clarinetplayer Drink water--lots of it. Stop drinking soda pop. Even the diet kind. Stop snacking after the evening dinner. It is amazing how much better you will sleep and how much better you will feel in the morning. Eating after dinner is just creating FAT. Eat just a little bit less at main meals. Have a mid morning and mid afternoon healthy snack--fruit, protein bar, protein shake. Breakfast is the most important...
I also live in Tennessee and the flip-flop/cargo shorts is definitely the norm and dare I say "desired" look. I just recently (6-7 months) started dressing apart from this style and it definitely brings a lot of wierd looks when I wear my Diesels that actually fit my legs rather than the AE junk that is 3 sizes too big. I still don't wear the high end labels like most here, but my wardrobe consists of non-flamboyant 7 Diamonds, Ted Baker, and English Laundry shirts (that...
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