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My mom called me today to ask her to buy her some Ruby Red Mary Jane Crocs from eBay. sad day.
i thought ladanian tomlinson was the best... i liked the vest /shurg
Their lone purpose is numbers, numbers, numbers. I have seen the degredation (is that a word) of following the Bible in order to attract more poeple at the one at my university. I quit going about 3 years ago because of it.
when i read the thread title, I was thinking this would be about natural ways to improve vision - such as excersizing your eyes and whatnot. fail
Diesel Fanker 894, super light jeans. I went straight from arizona jeans from JCPennies to Diesel. I still wear lots of Diesel mixed in with a little RRDS. 6 Pairs of Diesel, 1 RRDS... RRDS=Diesel in tearms of usage - even with just one pair.
make your own beef jerky... it is 100x better than storebought junk. Humidifier, worshishier (whatever) sauce, soy sauce, pepper, salt, spices.... plus whatever else you want to put in it... there are lterally hundreds of recipes on the internet. It is a pretty painless process. Slice meat, shake meat with all ingredants in some tupperware, put in humidifier, forget abut it for 24 hours.
losing 60lbs would be right up there... it was 60lbs of eating habit change, no additional excersize, and i didint cut back bad food. All about portion control and timing.
im jealous of poeple with good tjmaxx's at thier disposal. The quality of clothes is highly dependant on store location - which means the chap mall brands are the good clothes iin mine
WAYWT thread = stalkers paradise
kangaroo leather is also illegal in Cali... big hurt to adidas and thier soccer shoes (sorry for the off-topic)... uhm, free bump
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