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this belongs in an email with at least three "FW>" strings in the subject line
50-50 Spinach mix dried cranberries fresh cold blueberries pistachios sharp cheddar raspberry vinegarette tortilla =yummy wrap
Asus eeepc 900 (1.6ghz, 4gb sshd, 1gd ram, linux) Work: Dell Latitude e6500
I went from 150 sophmore year high school 200 senior year high school 220 Junior Year College 155 Senior Year College 210 Graduated College 195 Right now It has been all portion control. I am dropping weight pretty quickly right now. Also, finding fun stuff to exersize doing is great. For me, it is tennis, soccer, and disc golf. I played disc golf almost every day after work. Tennis 3 times a week. I joined an adult soccer league. Pound shed off me. The 15 lb...
My Nashville Predators season tickets are about $27/game. It depends on my company on how much I spend on events, generally.
Quote: Originally Posted by Plsez2 About you? What's one lie you'd be terrified your girlfriend would find out about? One you'd hate your boss to know? Or the one you've always hid from your family? For me: I am only still dating her because my best friend and her best friend are getting married in August and we are in the wedding together. I was hired on at the highest college grad salary they have ever given. I hate the job and...
Quote: Originally Posted by ratboycom 7th and 8th gen Subaru WRXs can be had within your price/milage limits, those are fun cars and reliable too. This. I greatly second this notion.
For working in securities, Computer Engineering is a waste - unless you want to get more into the portion dealing with bugs/taps/etc. I did computer engineering and as a senior project, programmed a microcontroller that could be plugged inline in ethernet cable and detect VOIP traffic. If that is more what you are wanting, CmpE is the way to go (CE = Civil engineering, CmpE=Computer engineering). If strictly computer based hack attacks and stuff, CS is the better choice...
I bought the Corner Leg Platform West Elm bed and like it a lot. I am not sure on the forum consensus on West Elm is though. I have liked it since I bought it. I think I may have done everything anti-forum consensus though, b/c I also bought a Tempur-pedic mattress.
running your own little ebay auction in the B&S forum, huh?
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