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Because the only ones who post are the ones being crazy, partying, and fucking hot women. No ones posts: "I studied for 8 hours today and yesterday I met with a study group for a test this morning," but in all reality most people are doing the 2nd one.
Be motivated. That's it really. If you are motivated and put your mind towards it, you will do it. Pretty much every single diet out there works if it is followed. User error causes them to fail. Also, pretty much every diet boils down to 1. eat better 2. eat less 3. excersize Most diets all 3/3, some are 2/3... the diets with 1/3 work, but aren't the healthy ones.
The first presentation I gave to a client, I wore a tie and was told to lose it by my boss. Turns out all our clients show up in jeans and a polo. (engineering) Cool story, huh? ...just thought it might add a little to the thread about gearing yourself to your client.
I was able to rent from almost every major rental car company while under 25. You just had to pay an extra 25-40/day insurance.
The only strategy to picking numbers is to never pick a number below 32. The reason is that there are a lot of poeple who use birthdays. If you do win, you are less likely to split the winnings if all your numbers are above 31.
I only play when the office gets a pool together. You don't want to be the one guy in the office who didn't buy that ticket!
1 cup of spanish rice Lemonade
This is a shot in the dark, but if you have an iPhone (or possible other phones with apps), you should check out the app called LoseIt. It is extremely comprehensive in the range of foods it covers. The best thing is that it lets you add your own foods to the database and the volume of consumption is done very well (say you only ate 2/3 of that BigMac, you can enter that). I guess that may take away some of the responsibility you feel towards eating better since you...
Most important for weight loss? I always thought weight loss always came down to eating less calories than you consume... Depends what you mean important though.
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