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I love fireworks. My family goes big and we get all dangerous with it, but its fun. This year, we only had 3 people get hit and two canisters blow up in the tube on the ground. Its stupid, people get hurt... but it beats the firework shows because you are a part of the action.
If you know it is going down why would you cash out and not go short? I went short all last week and those all made about 20%. Right now, I am in the volatility stocks, gold, and greek banks. I just never understood the reasoning behind going cash. You are really just playing the inflation market. Everything is a market - including cash. I am 25 and learning. Inform me why I should cash out if the market is going down.
One of the best groomsmen gifts I have received was a nice grilling utensil set. Has been extremely handy...
Had a job waiting for me. Graduated December 18th First day was January 5th
static x powerman 5000
Sleep Cycle Lay it on its face on your mattress and it uses the accelerometer to measure your movements in bed. You set an alarm clock for 7am and any time it senses movement between 6:30 and 7, it will wake you up in an attempt to not wake you during deep sleep. Lose It App for recording what you eat. Lets you build foods and save them. Large database Wordpress Very simple to blog with Runkeeper Uses the GPS to record your movement. Shows your path, speed,...
2009+ Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan The STI only comes in hatch which makes it look ricer-boy-ish. 2008 WRX is a completely different (and worse) car. The new body styling of the WRX is much more professional and grown-up looking. It is also faster than the previous models. It is 4-door so you can keep it if you get kids. 5 star safety rating. AWD 4banging turbo is awesome. It has a ton of low end power so you don't have to rev it up to go quick. It is everything...
Cartlidge build-up between my rib cages. Extremely painful to breathe. Ambulance. Emergency Room. To this day, I still have no idea why a cartlidge build-up suddenly appears.
My vote goes to Eric Berry being the stud from this draft in 10 years.
Very nice shirt! That said, you got a shitty seat on that plane.
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