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Couldn't resist the LP Pumpkin Sky Windowpane. Beautiful,
Going to be hard to resist the speckled petrol blue suit with this promo
Picked up a large rug at Goodwill today. Anyone have some knowledge they can drop on me? [[SPOILER]]
I need a jacket made up in all of those donegals
When are the new sportcoats shipping out?
Those two 36 Ring Jackets currently up are almost too much for me to fathom. I cant handle more.
Thats a good looking shirt... I think that's my shirt. Its being delivered today or tomorrow.
Would love a seersucker suit for s/s especially a navy seersucker.
Duh on the flash sale on ties. Of course, yes.
Worn sparingly. I havent been naked in it I promise. Purchased from the Ace Hotel website. Hooded. No writing anywhere on it. Plain grey. One size fits most.
New Posts  All Forums: