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@Epaulet What about Driggs? Im still waiting on a pair of blackwatch and cords.
Small guys!
Relevant to this thread. A gorgeous video from The Atlantic about the making of Harris Tweed https://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/512225/harris-tweed/?utm_source=atlfb
Handful of EFF goodies showed up today. Green university stripe, mid grey wool-cashmere walts, and this shirt which I really love. Ecru & Olive Good Hunting Tattersall Twill
First time Ive found a watch of a desirable brand. Doesnt work but I wasnt going to leave it there in the dollar bin.
I've essentially turned into one of those J. Crew shoppers when it comes to Gitman shirts. None of the fabrics are all that interesting for me to purchase at full price. I know my tiny person size won't sell out and there is a decent chance that it will make it to the sale section and even then probably stick around long enough till there is a discount code too. Look around this forum and you'll see plenty of posts about people looking for discount codes for Gitman...
The only Alden shoe I have ever purchased at full retail price was the brown cxl alt wien shoe. It fit an exact need for me and loved the unique makeup. I am a big fan of Alden but since their shoes are so well made Id rather purchase them second hand. I can't see myself paying that price again. Unless you want to make me a white buck without a damn red brick sole.
Found a few decent ties at Savers and was very confused how they were not included in today's 50% off sale on "Party and Formal Attire"
After what feels like a week of sweatpants it feels good to get back into a jacket and tie Reda milano check and Ironwood donegals
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