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@Epaulet Can we get a 'bonkers' top 5 fabrics?
Go for the green. I did. Going to be a year round sportcoat in the deep south.
Highly recommended any of the REDA Hopsacks. I have the light grey 8400. They are very lightweight and perfect for the hottest of days.
A green stripe instead of the light blue is my only suggestion, but I love the original too.
Inside. Armpit to end.
@Epaulet Did Southwick waive the fee for exact sleeve length again?
I purchased a full suit. Im thinking (hoping) along the lines of this.
@Epaulet Vittorio sizing quesiton. My perfect fit is a Dartmouth 35 short in the sleeves and regular body length. Going off the pre-order chart it seems a 36 seems good for me without a short option. The 35 Vittorio with 22.5 sleeves and 15.5 inch shoulder seem too short and too narrow. Any help there?
Look awesome. Been wearing mine a ton. You'll be surprised how versatile it is.
The olive corduroys came out more green than the swatch appeared to me (which I was hoping for)
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