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Worn sparingly. I havent been naked in it I promise. Purchased from the Ace Hotel website. Hooded. No writing anywhere on it. Plain grey. One size fits most.
Picked up from the sample sale last year, but just too long for a short guy like me. Great shape. 3.5 x 60
Epaulet Somelos Light Blue OCBD Small - 60 Gitman Vintage light grey OCDB - 60 Gitman Vintage Blue University Stripe - 60 New England Shirt Company Blue Tattersall - 60 Free shipping in USA. Best offers considered and would love to bundle multiple shirts.
Wait, you arent a flannel shirt.
Green university stripe is such an underrated fabric. Have a shirt in it, but its a bit blousey, so glad to pick one up here.
I figured that one never got entered into the drop down box since it was gone instantly. That was my favorite too.
Figured by now these Ends events would come with algorithms that would automatically purchase each user's fabric tendencies.
Have Individualized orders from the early August 10 percent promo gone out? Waiting on one of those.
@gshen any chance of a grey cashmere tie for fall?
Blue university stripe back in stock in Tokyo slim fit on the website
New Posts  All Forums: