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@BespokeBrooklyn Epaulet has 4 swatches up in their fall MTO. They have a New York store. @Epaulet http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/special-order/products/made-to-order-trousers-fall-2016-fall-2016-wool-flannel-tweed-and-cavalry-twill
Oh really?
I was thinking corduroy but those camel moleskins are calling my name.
I like socks
delay is just west coast timing possibly
I own that same shirt. Probably my favorite oxford. I acquired it from @StanleyVanBuren His PM to me about it from way back says its Japanese oxford cloth.
Thanks to whoever bought it. I did not need another navy sportcoat no matter the stealiness of it.
Only item I won was a tie for 9.99, but I upbid at least 75 dollars worth of stuff.
New fabrics look great, but had to go with a staple white dress shirt for the promo. Medium spread, no pocket, in the Hanrahan-favorite Albini 140s royal oxford. (props to the white dress shirt video)
+1 Sportcoats
New Posts  All Forums: