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i think their cut is still pretty exclusive to the brand. gitman vintage fits me fairly well off the rack, but the first time i tried on a BoO shirt i was blown away.
anyone had any experience with CB I Hate Perfume? looks very interesting (perhaps kind of rediculous), but im curious about how spot on the scents are and if they are practical. smelling like black tea sounds rad but maybe i should just have some sort of tea rubdown in the morning instead of getting a spray
saw some price points on the park & bond site - looking more expensive than daiki's gear which is unfortunate. i will try to reserve judgement untill i see the pieces that i want to cop realistically (still feeling that trucker hat and the brogue boots)
i consider them a fairly iconic streetwear item. i think the issue gets into specifics and deviations from the original (people tend to hate on mesh back caps, not sure if five panels are loved or hated). can get into graphic tee territory. i really like visvim's laurel hats and WWM's upcoming plaid mesh backs.
of course with a name like white mountaineering everything they stock is incredibly "icy"
this is too too cool. innovative and doesn't look stupid. are there any other colorways?
happy to see a thread about these guys. i have a pair of the floral shorts from S/S2011 and i get compliments on them every day i wear them. the fabric is amazing, the fit is amazing, and the detailing is... amazing. i really have no complaints about them other than the fact that i only have one pair
makes you wonder what the hook is made out of.i realize that this is a unique product, but i find it unlikely that the pricepoint reflects the sum of its components.
I emailed BB about this when i saw it in the spring lookbook. i got a response saying it was online store only and retailing for about 100 bucks.never saw it online would like to snag one (ideally at a lower pricepoint. how much different is this than one of those bracelets in material cost, honestly?)
whats the pricepoint on the hooded bib?
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