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do they make the cashmere blend in a slim guy in something other than gray? indigo perhaps... the website says theres a weird guy cut in indigo but im shooting for slim if possible.
APC seems to be the standard around here (has been, etc.) but id say you could do well with a pair of N&F and save about 30 bucks. thats half a rugby ocbd with your student discount. rugby should have you covered on student basics (i mean, thats their market). white ocbd, blue ocbd, or swap out the blue for something you prefer since it is YOUR closet, not styleforum's. their chinos are a good slim fit aswell if you should feel the need to get something other than...
ordered some cargos - my first epaulet buy. excited to see what the fuss is about (in like, october when its not beach weather)
I'm really impressed with SnS Herring's textured knits, but theyre a bit out of my pricepoint. I look forward to GANTs offerings every fall though; have a fair isle from last season that I love, and a cricket sweater from this year that is a bit long in the arms but still excellent. their red jaquard from pre-fall looks great, and their cardi, varsity sweater, and fisherman sweater are all nice for about 150 bones. but if i see SNS on sale later this year I might have to...
GANT was originally owned by a european immigrant, based on american garmentry, and is now mostly outsourced manufacturing (my shirt / sweater say made in china). thats why it costs 110 dollars for one of their shirts instead of something like 200.
Found this while checking out a RRL flannel I picked up on the cheap (I assume it's one of the icon pieces from a while back) sorry it's sideways; photo editing software is being kind of absurd.
met the guys from hill-side today. gotta love how human these types of designers are despite the buzz on their gear. that kyoto violet is on a new level of pretty though. someone cut me a shirt in that.
I posted on my tumblr a few days back warning people about the St. Etiquette vintage section. im sceptical of other pieces (namely camouflage) that might have been bought the day before yesterday at surplus pricing. at least the brand list has some nice gems (gant by MB, wwm) that i struggle to find around northern new england.
though it may say little about the shoes themselves, Mr. Rancourt is a really fantastic person. their company has been doing private label work for big names for a while; its likely that if you saw a made in maine shoe without a quoddy or eastland stamp on it as of recently that Rancourt had a hand in it.
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