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I feel like "SF brain trust" and "hoodies" are two seperate worlds. if for some reason this isnt the case, id say it's best paired with something casual. military jackets (m65, etc.) or bombers / varsity jackets might be something to fit over them. I havent purposely worn a hoodie for a few years because I think they look sloppy and immature.
epaulet > jcrew can be said for many higher end (pricepoint) brands. new england shirt company feels better than jcrew oxfords. taylor stitch madras are more luxurious than jcrew madras. epaulet is MILES ahead of jcrew. as far as trousers (perhaps chinos aswell) are concerned, epaulet might have the best made in the USA option.
hi im two pages late bomber jacket, python pocket patches
quick cross post from tumblr; for those of us waiting for the zebra shirt (which seems to be for summer '12), garbstore has a fun winter alternative.
Apparently, I met the creative director's personal trainer today at work. told him to tell the guy to open a RRL shop in Boston, :Shrug:.
creeper shoot
I can confirm: ludacris played up at orono last year so yeah, hes got a fair share! let me know if you need anything in portland!
I honestly think frank ocean is the only one who stands a chance at success out of the group at this point, and then only if he stops chewing on lines that kanye and jayz give him (arguably two of the worst songs on WtT)and i love james blake. thats why im seeing him not them haaa. my point was more the marketing standpoint, considering these two groups are easily the two that blew up most this year.its basically Our Legacy compared to Supreme. certain people will pay big...
figure its worth 30 bones since they have like 15 dudes on stage or w/e. i just paid a total of 33 for a james blake ticket so more power to them.
hope you get 1 year and buy the next one for 1400
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