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dont get too excited on that LL Bean coat - up close it needs some serious alteration before it fits (even after a size down). I had my eye on the blackwatch one last year and while I wear a medium on average the LL Bean small fit me like a family sedan. I bought a rugby duffle for a bit more and the fit is good. they offer one in charcoal and camel this season; mine's navy from last. would buy again.
i dont know when you went to highschool, but now their phone number is right up on their website. it is very much a "secret store" but obviously less so as time goes on. if they dont do phone orders ill do my best to help out if i can (and if someone who actually lives there doesnt perk up)
im familiar with boston but i live a ways north (Portland, ME). not sure what you need from bodega but you might give them a call if its something specific; maybe they do phone orders? may be headed down there in the future, holler @ me.
graphic tees and so on are kind of the tip of the iceberg, and the most obvious (potentially lame) route but i would say that theres tongue in cheek design and that if those garments are worn its definately "humor in style". i think you see it more in SW&D culture than traditional gear, but it shows up in more traditional menswear too. couple things come to mind:
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as far as I know N&F keeps a long inseam so noone loses out on a pair in their waist size that happen to be too short. you can hem a pair of pants; its a bit trickier to let them out. im fairly sure that most higher end denim companies do this, and have similar lookbooks. apc fits are always crinkled or cuffed. i like a strait leg as much as the next guy but you have to do some major cuffing to get to it with a pair of off the rack entry raws.
For what it's worth, we got these in up in Maine and from my experience they fit VERY slim to begin with. I wear a 38 jacket and I found the Large to be incredibly comfortable in our gray stripe peacoat. I think a medium would be constrictive (this is with no layering, just a collared shirt). so if youre between sizes, definately go up one, maybe even that 1.5. if you guys got the same one, it might be something to keep in mind. the other thing I can say about them is...
I feel like "SF brain trust" and "hoodies" are two seperate worlds. if for some reason this isnt the case, id say it's best paired with something casual. military jackets (m65, etc.) or bombers / varsity jackets might be something to fit over them. I havent purposely worn a hoodie for a few years because I think they look sloppy and immature.
epaulet > jcrew can be said for many higher end (pricepoint) brands. new england shirt company feels better than jcrew oxfords. taylor stitch madras are more luxurious than jcrew madras. epaulet is MILES ahead of jcrew. as far as trousers (perhaps chinos aswell) are concerned, epaulet might have the best made in the USA option.
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