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A girl in my geology lab told me my yuketen maine guides were the weirdest boat shoes shes ever seen. (im in)
are you talking about some sort of motorcycle made from textiles?
I wish the APC thread actually talked about APC instead of just how tight pants can get
woah, i didnt think id see white mountaineering undercutting anybody on socks this winter. those look nice, but 60 dollars is a pretty daunting tag
i have a mister freedom one. they rule. good luck!
dangg ill text him right now. glad I got ahold of you. we'll be in touch! EDIT: he says he has the email right. is there a secondary one he needs to reach you at? pm me if necessary!
Hey Eric, its Dustin from Portland Dry Goods. Kazeem shot you a few emails and didn't hear back - sorry to hear about the move but its good to know that you're not out of commission. Siked to see some fall stuff at work in the future! are you still in Cambridge?
that fair isle shirt is too good. I cant afford this, man. stop hitting home runs or im gonna be out on the street.
going to finally get my gray flannel cargo's hemmed today. hope to sport them soon. on a related note, I love O&S but these seem all too familliar:
check out the sole on these. I always reccomend sorels as good snow boots. heavy duty duck boot might be more paul bunyon than rick owens but itll keep you blizzard ready for sure.
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