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not to derail this but whats the going rate for a miller's oath MTM?
Has this been posted yet? from White Mountaineering
layer hawaiians under some shit this summer. reasoning is good looking prints / buttons - shitty fit in arms/ torso = decent streetwear.
wearing mine today. they are amazing.
Was gonna pick up a Dries sweatshirt on TBS when i got paid but someone scooped the medium :-\. anyone else run into that lately? tis the season.
Tried on an Our Legacy crewneck sweat at Stels. The fabric is magical without a doubt. softer than any towel lined number I've ever seen.
I'd expect 25% throughout the house from Rugby; thats what I got last year (note: student discount did not stack with this)
In all seriousness, what is it that people are put off by in argyle? is it the association with mall brand goods? i feel as though one doesn't run into it in high fashion designer clothes very often, and brands in the price bracket of gant, gitman, etc. dont seem to use the pattern at all (though tartan is common and acceptable).
oh I thought this was the RRL thread. I don't know anything about law. moving on!
I know a shop that has that winter parka in an olive, but the red I have no idea
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