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I'm not about to admitt that I am knowledgable on the manufacturing end of the equation, but I imagine a made in the USA shirt would be very difficult to make at a price allowing for a 40 dollar retail tag. assuming that this article has made its rounds in this thread, I'd say kiya hit the nail on the head; USA probably doesn't have the jersey to make tees (at least for the same price as outsourced fabrics). This could also be why wings & horns basics can cost upwards of...
I feel like signature's sweaters always come out kinda subdued. often more than expected; that bear isle (see what i did there?) from winter looked AWFUL on the website, but at the store it's much better. I usually like their shirting best of a collection. tails are a bit short, but thats perfect for a casual day kit.
yo, I work at Portland Dry Goods / Live around here.Rogues Gallery's flagship actually just cleared out of their space like 2 weeks back. Rabelais is gone too.obviously im biased but visiting for PDG / Barbour / David Wood would totally be worth a trip. theres also super good consignment / vintage shops around the area, which I could give you the lowdown on through PM or on here. LL Bean's flagship is only like 20 minutes north of portland far as food goes, you...
this is glorious. does anyone other than LN-CC Stock this stuff? excited to see piece for pieceupon looking at other pictures, that is indeed a chainsaw shaped carry-all
I would post in the UC thread but the result would more than likely just be biased fanboy garbage
where can i get that acne balloon one? and heres something i picked up on end of season sale: and something I found on Honeyee: presented without comment.
I got a pair of the flannel cargos from epaulet and I really dig them. i put my card case in the right cargo pocket and its easy to snag and look after if for whatever reason i felt threatened
not to derail this but whats the going rate for a miller's oath MTM?
Has this been posted yet? from White Mountaineering
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