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Kittery had to stop selling tokito and mcqueen to keep it unique/valuable. i think it would be a similar situation to RRL where people just sit on things until they find them in the outlets / on sale.
ha yeah, I stopped in for a few on saturday... those white mountaineering cowboy boots you guys have are absurd in the very best way. a friend of mine bought some onitsuka tigers. place was packed! everywhere else i stopped by was dead. y'all have to re-hide this place haha
pm me on that 48 if the other guy didnt tag it yet.
quite easily my favorite store in boston. can't say more than that without spoiling any surprises. might be down from portland this saturday to visit!
Posted 4 Days ago. Today's date is April 5th ...
how much was the segal jacket?
ayo gimmie dat
I'm with you on that. I will say that as far as fake pre destressing goes, thats the least obnoxious route and I really like the soft washed out color but the cut obviously leaves something to be desired for the fashion set. though if they're in line quality wise with the rest of OL's gear I bet the fabric is comfy as hell
go vintage; you wont really find a slim fit no matter where you go; best bet is to get an all over print from some streetwear brand but if you want real hawaiian find a made in hawaii one from way back; you might even be able to use some money to get it tailored up a bit
I'm at a store called Portland Dry Goods in Maine. we dont get huge runs of things up here. its always exciting to see EG in the area, especially if its someone in town (and if we sold it to em, ha)
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