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the imperial system was originally invented as an idiot check for those passing through ellis island. if you cant remember 12:1 then we dont want you shitting up our slums. thats why america is smartest
R.I.P Nathan Clark anyone else wear their DBs yesterday in memory?
Quote: Originally Posted by fiestaplatypus I'm a size 40 chest and am 6'3", 180lbs....I wear a size small sweater in J Crew and a size small in Canvas. For some reason, both brands seem to make their sleeve lengths extra long on their sweaters. For reference, I have to buy large button ups for both brands (and tailor the body) due to sleeve lengths. I would go with a size small thanks a ton. gotta love those off the rack issues. my neck...
well worth it. season 1 of archer is up there with frisky dingo. I haven't finished season 2 but what i have seen is good. not AS good, but good. i think as main characters go, Archer blows Xander out of the water. FD is still my favorite out of the two shows though... the premise is a bit more fun and story driven.
I've just recently started paradise lost. on book V currently and really enjoying Milton's writing. the structure isn't too difficult (especially since it was written in english to start with) and each book only being 30-40 pages of prose means it's easy to read, then put down to pick up again later
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieAngel Jesus christ. I just ordered a pair of fucking vibrams 5 fingers because I don't want to wear out my nice shoes on my 7 mile walk home. What the fuck is wrong with me. there has to be a less ridiculous looking pair of shoes for a long walk home. new balances or something?
im looking at some sweaters on the online sale section and while the size charts advise me that i would be a medium (size 38 chest) i have a feeling that sizing down might be a good choice. I normally wear a small in jcrew knits and a medium in gant rugger. can anyone second me on that?
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