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if you've been outside in the past few days i think you know the answer to that question. though i will admit im struggling to rationalize any more seasonal purchases; it would be nice to have some more shorts but i feel as though i should save my coinage for 2 months from now when its nice outside again.
is the free shipping applied automatically or is that some SF only feature that i ought to pm you about beforehand? eyeing some pants, waiting for a check to clear. even if i have nothing from epaulet yet, your stock is wonderful to admire from afar. keep up the good work
Anyone drinking the blogger kool-aid on tretorns? i'm just not feeling the profile at all. something about the toe...
a few pages back someone was looking for cashmere sweaters. like any thrift experience, i wasn't looking for this, but i spotted it acrossed the room on a rack next to some of the typical "ugly sweater party" candidates. funny how one can spot a cashmere knit from 20 yards. its totally unbranded (or debranded), woven in scotland. unfortunately theres some wear on the back of the neck; looks like someone forgot the cedar in their closet. still a nice pickup for 5...
near future if possible: can we get a front shot with the top button buttoned?
I'm excited to get my dishtowel shirt. resisted the red yesterday in wait for the blue. also, that zebra print is FIRE in that its dangerous and may cause normal people to run in fear
I feel like a missed the boat on the anorak shirt anyone know where there are a few of those left in a medium?
Quote: Originally Posted by kmdsimpson Don't know about an official warranty, but I bet if you bought them at a RL store, they would take care of you. A noobie question here: how do these crotch explosions (that seem so common on SF) occur? Are you wearing these tight, or do they just wear thin at the crotch over time? the crotch/seat is kind of the epicenter of day to day wear, either from walking or biking (or sitting down to blog,...
with the leaves changing i foresee an end to floral AND A RISE TO BRANCH PRINT. maple, birch, anything goes! just make sure its dried up and dead
is gangs of new york too far back?
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