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I see what you did there! reibert geller
the floral lining really adds a nice touch.
hahaha thats excellent. I love hipster runoff for being a strangely on-point parody of.. itself? rad shirt, wish it would have been the one with the scarabs.I dont think carles would rock 25oz jeans anyways
this is right; the snap vents mean its a bedale. looks sharp; alot of people stray from the navy bedale because the collar is a bit electric but its a great coat.
i figured the canvas on the upper might cut the price down a bit. didn't know that they were outside of the CP range. however I don't know anything else about them; what from the picture implies that theyre shitty?the spat boots are pretty sick too. really wishing this happened at the beginning of fall instead of summer
i dunno, even if that was just cost before markup that would put them at a pair of ~250 dollar shoes right? I figure its CP quality, which is [fairly] reliable?I prefer MMM too but for 100 bucks this isnt a bad deal at all.
glad this thread got made - I'll post a few pictures of some neat gear in a bit that I can actually wear, but for now this will have to suffice: vintage BR with a really neat print, unfortunately a size too big for me. copped anyways, might spend the cash to have it remade if possible; it's a really heavy cloth, almost canvas (jawnz with labels that matter to SWD to follow in the near future)
thats tough, I guess I'm all set. great peice though; might eye the fall/winter ones assuming i have some throwaround money by then.thanks for the reply
whats the pricepoint on that sucker?
yeah, I think theyre doing increasingly low numbers on the limited edition gear in terms of volume so as to avoid that. I know our store in portland held on to a few fall models (because better that than they rot in a warehouse in NH)
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