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I think it's more traditional vs nontraditional. I've handled the rancourts at work and theyre wonderful. straitforward designs with great options for customization. yuketen also offers a quality product (my guide boots are going on a year and I have loved them from day one. no break in problems, and theyre not even remotely close to wearing out). the design is a bit out of the ordinary but really thats a breath of fresh air if anything. I might end up picking up a pair of...
First impression? I kinda dig the sweater vest
I realize this isn't the most proper shot for judgement on fit, etc. but RRL Madras APC NS Nike Air Pegasus (no vis) A Puppy
the above happened to me. eric is great about responding to twitter, but emails sometimes get lost. keep in mind this is essentially one guy churning out pounds and pounds of leather goods every day.
Another option - ships in june (?)
Reminds me of the MIA "Born Free" video
stomped a miller high life bottle today while walking my groceries up the hill back to my apartment. shoutouts to yuketen, else I might have a doctors appointment coming up!
that balaclava sweater is sick. gotta love punchy design.
on the real I wore mine for about a year strait cause theyre super light. definately not waterproof but they held up pretty well with a camp sock, etc.
oh god i would cop so fucking fast
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