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Sizing question. If a blank shirt from SS15 (or 14?) is just too tight across the chest will the same size in the Canton bomber jacket (link to no man walks alone) also be too tight?
I was my "midnight flame" with no special care. Works ok, not sure if experience is relevant for the purple.
Sorry if it's been asked recently, anyone know of online EU store that has rosherun in black but white sole and logo? Can only find black/grey and don't want to do Nike ID...
I was looking at some tiles on Sunday. One pattern looked really similar to that P Ervell shirt from past season.
There there, look at this instead: ps not my image
But you can't try on different sizes when there? That's the biggest benefit of B&M for me...
Anyone know if there is differnce in fit between past relaxed trousers and current?
You might enjoy this thread started in MC:
I think I might be out of phase with northern hemisphere seasons. Just now thinking that I might enjoy some lightly/faded colored clothes and it is very close to the end of the summer where I am. Maybe just better prepared for next year.
TOJ is still taking orders but it isn't public for how much longer.
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