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Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter meh, I've settled halfway with a DE and even that's proved to be more work than it's worth . with your head....that's it buster I'll have to confiscate all of your shaving supplies...PM me for the address.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji I want to start soon, I've been shaving with a DE for two and a half years and its kind of boring, is the transition that hard? I didn't find it that hard at all. Just doooon't go sideways with the razor. And make sure that your Razor is super sharp....believe it or not the sharper the razor the easier it is not to cut yourself. If you get a razor get it professionally honed off of one of the straight...
Just checking to see if anyone else on here is a straight razor shaver? I'm currently shaving with a 1800's Wade/butcher, torrey and no name razor. For those of you that don't it is by far the best shave of your life. Seems also like it would fit with people that are in to the finer things in life as there are a host of brushes, creams and aftershaves. Its very zen like and a fantastic way to start the day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid First post is... suspetise Sorry I'm a peasant and have no idea what "suspetise" means. Perhaps you're just atrabilious and should absquatulate our copacetic discussion on pinguescence . Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen I did before I started bulking. Maintaining a six pack is harder than getting one, FWIW. Few people who aren't athletes, models or competitive body...
Just out of curiousity....of all who have replied to this thread who actually has a 6 pack....anyone?
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