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I'd say try it for a couple of weeks as there seems to be a period of time that you face has to adjust to the different stimuli. Personally, I never had issues with razor burn when using Mach 3's but more probably that's becuase the shave was not that close. I now use a straight or cut throat razor and man does that produce a close comfortable shave. No burn and don't ask my the physics of why but lasts a lot longer than the shave of the Mach 3 or DE.
Quote: Originally Posted by Church's Goer Almost all protein powders on the market contain preservatives, other chemical ingredients and sucralose. Not to mention teh industry isn't heavily scrutinized by the FDA so who knows if half of the brands out there are brewing meth alongside their whey protein isolate. Bingo!
Quote: Originally Posted by ihambrecht HAHAHAHAHA what a bunch of morons in this thread. Yeah? Well you smell bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by bkstone Well maybe if you take too much. Nothing is wrong with taking some whey protein in addition to the protein you get from food. wrong....if it was processed it is bad from a health standpoint.
I agree....there's a big difference between looking good and being healthy. Want the body builder look then lift heavy weights and eat high artifiical protein. Want to be healthy then do Crossfit and eat Maximized Living nutrition plan.
Quote: Originally Posted by cogitoergo I've got to say as a fellow graduate student it is easy to spot the students who are simply students and the professionals who are taking classes. Additionally, the more put together professionals get more respect from the professors and get a lot more leeway when speaking up in class or if they need to work out a consideration with an instructor for some exception/extension or the like. For instance it would be...
Quote: Originally Posted by marg no, i shave and everything looks good for a few minutes. i'm talking about the delayed bleed that shows up after you've gone on to other things. bane of the morning routine. Interesting...I don't think I've ever had a delayed bleed...I've had cuts that bled like crazy but once I staunched them had no issues.
Quote: Originally Posted by marg i'm very meticulous about getting rid of all the stubble so it takes me longer to shave now than most. the woman appreciates this tremendously, but it can sometimes be a real drag to realize i got some blood on an expensive white shirt collar... +1...I learned to shave without a shirt...but definitely with pants on (in case I drop the razor)...
Quote: Originally Posted by marg the hair at the base of my neck grows in at different angles, causing irritation with a safety (regular) razor. i use the mach3 turbo is with art of shaving brush, cream and after shave. will a straight razor be better on the neck? does it take longer than normal to shave? Depends on where on your neck....if your neck is like mine it may be difficult to get at with a straight as the blade is a lot longer than...
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter shipping's going to be expensive... lol, I think I have 6-7 tubs of shaving cream alone and taht's only because I barely escaped badgerandblade before being sucked in fully ;-) Ha ha....Badgerandblade will suck the ole wallet dry no doubt. I've got enough shaving cream I can keep a couple of generations behind me groomed to perfection.
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