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Its definitely heavier than say a nylon bag. But because the shoulder strap is so wide it's actually very comfortable. i don't think it can be more than a couple of pounds heavier than most bags this size.
There is no canvas. It is all leather and has more rivets than the Hunley. The green is leather and you can see the brand in the leather if you look close.What do you guys think of those vintage brass shoulder strap connectors (not sure if there is a real name for them)? I'm kind of torn on those.
Wow with all of the good stuff here I'm kind of embarrassed to post my new bag but here goes anyway. It was supposed to be a leather expandable dry back. So it folds up or down depending on how much stuff you have and is waterproof (I hope). I was trying to build it to last several generations so used veg tan hide with no stitches, zippers or snaps. There were two brands (poor cow) on the hide and I was able to put them both out where they are visible. I also used...
Ok guys. What do you think about this roll top gym and weekender bag? It can expand or roll down depending on how much stuff you have. It has vintage brass connectors (not sure about these somebody tell me if they manly or not) on the shoulder strap. I tried to get a close up but it also has 2 cool cow brands on the leather showing. CAF or dorky?
I have found my that my philosophy on style has changed over the years as I spent a lot of time and money chasing after the latest and greatest. But now I have found my self buying a lot less stuff and the purchases I make I tend to go towards high quality well made gear with classic lines that won't go out of style. One of my favorites are my chocoloate brown Wolverine 1000 mile boots that I can wear with just about anything.
I'm guessing there's not a lot of people that would dig this style but it's an old russian army bag with lots of personal touches and modifications. I don't care for off the shelf stuff so I can't leave it well enough alone but it will easily outlast my grandkids generations and has more room than my garage.
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen Now that I'm not dieting anymore, I wonder if I should still go through with cheat days. Fuck it, I want a burger and some oatmeal cookies. ha ha ha...words to live by.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji It was a pound of lamb, a couple tortillas, greek yoghurt, jalepenos and tomatoes, not exactly bad food, just what I eat before I go to the gym. Im not gonna get strong eating like MGM. that doesn't sound bad at all....throw in some veggies and you're set.....just make sure that the lamb is free range and that the yogurt is full fat organic.
Eat the stuff that was put here for us to eat in a sensible mix. That is meats from animals that are free range fed (as opposed to grain), organically grown fruits and vegatables and nuts/seeds. Don't count calories but count chemicals...if it comes in a box or claims that it is low fat stay away from it. If it is processed stay away from it. All of these weight loss and diet studies do in fact show what you should eat to lose weight but why would you want to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji Sorry, I never really added up the macros, just assumed it was pretty high carb. I don't know how you can eat that little, I just had breakfast and that was probably more calories then everything you posted. Just remember that calories don't make you feel full but nutrients do. A meal high in good nutrients makes you feel fuller than the same volume of say pizza. That is why when you eat poorly you tend to...
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