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That's true actually. For this past year they shortened up the rise, tighted up the seat, and brought the waist down to it's actual size measurement rather than the +1 inch vanity sizing they used to have
I think I've seen the Tommy Bahama variety, but I was thinking more of the silk shirt to wear with a suit/tie rather than leisure wear. What's being said about China flooding the market with cheap examples makes a lot of sense.
Just leased an Infiniti M37 (silver on black)
So I've been reading my way through the original (Fleming) Bond books and the most consistent sartorial reference I've seen is to 007 wearing white silk shirts. Was this common back in the 50's and 60's? If so, whatever happened to them? I could imagine silk shirts draping better than the cotton we use these days but can't say that I've ever seen one.
Price drop to $195
Camel Turkish Gold
Brand new Brooks Brothers shoes - all made in England (except #1, which is made in USA) and retailing for $468 - $528. Some pairs have the logo on the insole X'd out with marker to prevent store returns. Asking $195 per pair shipped CONUS. Paypal only and shipping is by USPS. 1) 8D chocolate suede captoes with a leather sole. Measures 11.5" x 4". SOLD 2) 8.5D & 11D snuff suede bluchers with a Dainite sole. This is a picture of the 11D - 8.5D has the X on the...
Have been dating a girl for roughly a month now - what do you guys think an appropriate gift would be? Obviously I'm not too invested but would like to find something thoughful.
Additional price drops.
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack Well, I'd say you need good scotch, good bourbon, vodka, both vermouths, olives, soda, rocks glasses, martini glasses, cherries, a shaker, and ice. Then you can make and old fashioned, martini, or scotch/bourbon on the rocks or neat. Gin please. Thank God someone is still able to have an office bar in this day and age.
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