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will you guys be stocking the new 3sixteen 121X's?
These are immaculate, thanks for sharing!
FYI - Bloomingdale's is having 40% off this weekend only. In particular, the SF store had a wool duffle, coverall, tanker jacket, jacquard andover and various shirts. Crazy good deal to be had
I recently received a cigar PTB from DC and will be keeping them. They have a rich olive tone that I am satisfied with. I'll try to post a pic in natural light soon.Cheers
These are beautiful - thanks for sharing.
Can anyone drop any info on the RD for the new volt flyknit racers?
anyone know any US stocklist carrying the coverall jacket, in particular the olive santeen?
I'm on the same boat... first world problems, haha
second drop up at Bureau... good to see more pics of the orange/brown combi vest
The combivest were intriguing to me at first and now have grown on me in a good way... any US stocklist outside of Nepenthes carrying it?
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