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@kiya Any plans for a restock on flathead 1002's? Looking for a 32, thanks!
I got a Herringbone Bedford for sale - it a size small, but has a 20inch chest - let me know if you're interested. Its from Fall 2014, lightly used - has paisley lined sleeves and the elbow patches
Fall 2015 TF jacket Floral Jacquard size small Looking for chambray workshirts /BD shirts in size small, hooded vest size small or for sell at $400 OBO
this is great, looking forward to these items being posted to your site.
yup, nice buy from TBB - but I'm on a cop freeze too - damnit. That dexter jacket...
Selling this vest from Fall 2014 - purchased from Context. Worn once - looking for workshirts in size small or a Dexter jacket $150 OBO
Have a bunch of bedfords and andover... never been able to try on a Dexter. Cant find any measurements online so looking for some help. Is the fit more in line with the beford?Thanks for the reply
Anyone get their hands or own a Dexter jacket? Any comments on fit etc? Looks like it would fit boxy... Might pull the trigger on one this season
These are awesome
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