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anybody care to share the TSM list with me? Size 7.5D - 8D Thanks all!
Cool, thanks!
anybody know of a US stocklist that is selling the jaquard hooded vest? http://www.fransboonestore.com/engineered-garments-hoody-vest-navy-grey-wave-jaquard-knit
any US stocklist that sell the gyakusou line besides blends?
I wear a medium in befords, bakers, trumans, etc but small in EG shirts and cruiser jackets. I went with the small being it is unlined and it fits me comfortably - not tight, but not loose either.
I picked mine up from Nepenthes NY... simple, but great piece.
EG is looking real good for Fall... wallet is looking to take a beating.
If ever you change your mind, do let me know. Beautiful boot...
Hi Gents - looking to purchase a snuff boot and looking for your thoughts for those who own them. Are the LS and Context boot essentially the same boot? 1. Fransboone parajumper (grant last which is a plus, but cost an arm and a leg to get them stateside) 2. LS PTBoot 3. Leffot Cooney 4. Context Roy How would you rank these?
any stocklist carrying the Lafayette Shirt in Blue stateside? Bureau Belfast is the only online shop I've seen it available... https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/1623/blue-big-floral-print-lafayette-shirt
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