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I'm on the same boat... first world problems, haha
second drop up at Bureau... good to see more pics of the orange/brown combi vest
The combivest were intriguing to me at first and now have grown on me in a good way... any US stocklist outside of Nepenthes carrying it?
@shoreman1782 PM sent for some items on sale from SS14 - thanks!
anybody care to share the TSM list with me? Size 7.5D - 8D Thanks all!
Cool, thanks!
anybody know of a US stocklist that is selling the jaquard hooded vest? http://www.fransboonestore.com/engineered-garments-hoody-vest-navy-grey-wave-jaquard-knit
any US stocklist that sell the gyakusou line besides blends?
I wear a medium in befords, bakers, trumans, etc but small in EG shirts and cruiser jackets. I went with the small being it is unlined and it fits me comfortably - not tight, but not loose either.
I picked mine up from Nepenthes NY... simple, but great piece.
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