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Ravello NSTCigar cap'sshould change come fall time
Here was what I remember: Cambridge shorts in olive, navy and khaki floral. Navy foulard patchwork camp shirt, navy kalamkari Chauncey shirt, olive and khaki floral aviator, navy CPO shirt and a couple bucket hats.Mac SF had some Adrian hats, works shirts, navy Dayton, navy Bedfords, khaki seersucker Andover and some scarfs and shawls. Hope this helps
Great, thanks for the info! Hopefully they will get their second drop by this weekend.
Has anyone been able to visit Mac SF recently? What pieces are available?
Favorite Alden: Ravello Aberdeen NST boot (thankfully own these) Wish List: Cigar NST boot, ravello LWB with the brass eyelets
Damn, these are nice.
Great wear on those!
I'd be interested to hear how the 7 in your Bison boot work out for you. I'm identical in sizing with you.
Has this been confirmed that we can go to a tan ripple if the boots gets made? Or is it white?
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