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when are you guys expecting fall 2016 Our Legacy to hit your shelves?
Any US stock list (outside of Nepenthes NY) gonna sell the corduroy baker? Only seen the bedford thus far...
All heavy flannels size small from Fall 2015, very gently worn - 9/10 $90 each plus shipping or $175 for both shipped for trade looking for size small EG knit vest/sleeveless hooded vest or any oxford size small workshirts
I got two thick workshirt flannels from Fall 2014 (red and black and a blue and red flannel)Let me know and I can send pics over...
Price Drop!! $350 plus shipping
these have sold!
anyone know where to pick up the sleeveless knitted hoody in grey or blue floral jacquard?
BUMP! Price dropped to $325, plus shipping!
Bump! Price dropped to $425 plus shipping
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