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Awesome pics as always Mike! (and another thanks to you!) Will be sure to check out your blog!
These are great, wonderful patina. If only I lived in a climate to put my shells through the ringer!
Looking good! Might have to jump on that saphir boat myself.
same here... my feet are a big fan of the grant last.
What size? Haha. Let me know!
I'm in for this... I missed out and would love to get a pair. This and the echo boot - unique and I need some of that mini ripple in my life.
Beautiful!thanks for sharing!
Wish I could comply... Have to wait until Tuesday for mine to arrive. Would love to see more pics as well
thanks... these look dope. Definitely more interested in that echo build. I've been wanting to try a pair of the mini ripple sole too...
New Posts  All Forums: