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I too have this problem, but the best solution I've found (short of made-to-measure, which I can't afford :/ ) is to buy fitted or slim fit shirts a size up, because they'll normally fit around my neck but the slimmer fit in the body stops it from billowing out.
In some ways I can't wait until I get to an age where I can wear tweed jackets and such without looking like a hipster. There's a whole world of classic styles out there for you Dark denim jeans (selvedge if possible), classic button-down sport shirts (such as the classic Brooks Brothers oxfords), suede bucks, tweed sportcoats (with elbow patches!) and more. But as others have said, it's best to start slowly. And if you run into someone who has the style you're after,...
I like the contrast idea. A friend of mine has a similar thing on his navy suit (white thread on all but the end buttons, which are navy) and it's notable without being too striking. Subtle.
Quote: Originally Posted by Larson McCord like the shape, don't like the arms I'm the opposite haha I dig the arms, but the bottom half of the frames seems strangely angular to me. However, most frames don't look good on me, so I really don't have the right to judge!
I'm sorry if none of these are what you're looking for, but I was able to find 3 with the same/similar stripe pattern, but the colors don't quite match up. Not sure about the fit on these either, but there were others on the same site that looked close to the one in GQ: (Scroll down for pics) I hope this helps!
Would a relatively inexpensive tailor/alterations dept. be able to modify the leg of a pair of khakis to make it narrower? I've lost some weight recently and my favorite CK trousers now look like boat sails Would this be an expensive or difficult job?
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