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I'm selling a few things: links are in my sig. Check out other items under my account, as some of these are posted as both auctions and buy-it-now's. In addition, you can PM me to negotiate on price and such for any of these items if you prefer a direct sale as an alternative to eBay.
My umbrella cost $13 at Target, is made out of a questionable wood, and the tip broke after three uses. However, after repairing it with some super glue, it held up for a brutal New York winter and is still going. Never had to worry about leaving it somewhere, because it was so cheap, and generally if it's so windy/stormy outside that it might wreck my umbrella, it just gives me a good excuse to stay indoors
A bit of a random question, but in the modern age is there any custom dictating which "shapes" of pasta are suited for specific types of dishes? The other day I prepared a home-made mac and cheese (a classy kind, not a yellow kind ) with fettucini, and I loved it! My Italian mother always used the same shapes for the same dishes at home (always shells with pasta piselli, for example) but I'd like to know if I'm slapping centuries of tradition in the face by 'mixing-it-up'.
I used to refuse any steak that wasn't grey inside, but I had a particularly eye-opening meal involving several rounds of steak (served 'Brazilian'-style) and multiple beers, and now I order my steak medium. I like a nice gradient from grey to pink, with a nice, seared crust
Not technically a dinner (which last night was a curry), but my lunch was a grilled chicken breast (salt and pepper only) sliced and served over arugula and spinach tossed with a little olive oil, lemon juice, coarse salt, and pepper, with a little sliced red onion and green bell pepper (for colour more than anything).
Always my parents, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. If you can't trust family etc. etc. Also, my girlfriend, because without absolute trust a long-term relationship is impossible. I also have unwavering trust in her family, because they have done things for me that I wouldn't expect or ask from even my own family. As my father always said, "Some people are owed your respect, but everyone must earn your trust."
An invaluable tip I learned from a friend is to notify your neighbours that you will be having a party, and give them your number so if they have any problems or anything happens they can call you instead of the police. I never thought of this before my friend mentioned it, but he's never had problems with his neighbours and he throws parties every weekend.
I alternate between a brilliant leather IZOD wallet I've had since I was a kid (which is sadly falling apart), and one of the wallets from Spring's limited edition charity line for WarChild (one of my favourite organizations). It's made out of Tyvex, and it's surprisingly rugged (and it was only $5).
Quote: Originally Posted by anginaprinzmetal Just tapering the leg it's easy. Now, if the waist needs to be taken in you're probably better off just buying some new pants Thankfully the waist isn't a problem, as they were pretty tight before. Good to know its not a difficult alteration. Quote: Originally Posted by shakattk My tailors are very good and have tapered pant legs, taken in the seat and the waist with good...
The thing that stood out most in the first pic is the strange way the fabric is sitting on the right breast, starting between the buttons and going up to the shoulder, although it doesn't look so bad in the other pics. That top button seems to be causing a bunch of problems! However, as others have said, day-to-day most people won't notice these problems, and it still fits better than 90% of the suits I see on a daily basis.
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