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Some days I'll wake up and say to myself "I wanna wear my brown wingtips today", so I'll choose an outfit based on that. Usually there's one item on a specific day that I particularly want to wear, and I take it from there.
London, for sure (although as a Englishman I am biased somewhat). Paris and France are two separate entities, and although London is going the same way, it is still much more representative of the UK as a whole, and you will have a richer experience because of it. Besides, flights to all the best cities of Europe (Amsterda, Barcelona, Oslo, Vienna, etc.) cost virtually nothing, and the Eurostar to Paris is a bargain.
Maybe reduce the shoulder size in the shirt by 1-1.5cm too next time, to solve the problem with the shoulders popping out. Although my first instinct was that it looks like a perfect fit, so it could be a quirk of fabric more than a problem with the measurements.
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD I was the opposite... went to roadbiking from running. Although I could hang with a group ride out of sheer cardiovascular base from running, the isolation of specific muscles when pedaling left me with major cramps in my feet and quads. Biking became a sufferfest, while running was enjoyable and produced a runners high. My tip? Maybe try out minimalist shoes for just walking around. They don't have to be...
I like the look with white pants, and you certainly can pull-off the dark trousers with that sportcoat. Have you tried wearing it with a brighter-coloured shirt, to perhaps offset the 'coolness' of the colour? Maybe a brighter blue, or something like orange or green? Then you might be able to wear it with some light khakis.
Yes! Ender's Game! I knew I'd forgotten one!
Yikes, I feel pretty inadequate, but I ran 2 miles in 20mins today However, I've been focusing on cycling for the past year and my running form is trash. My first mile was 7:55, which wasn't the worst time ever, but my legs just gave it up on the second. Still, I'm trying to get back to fitness, so any tips on training besides just getting out there and running (especially preventing those little tweaks and pains) would be appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Aside from Fahrenheit 451, I've never read a sci-fi book, but I have the sudden urge to read one. What are some classics that are worthy reading? Required Reading (IMHO): Slaughterhouse Five by Vonnegut - Absolutely a must read, along with Cat's Cradle The Martian Chronicles by Bradbury - Yes, it was probably required reading in middle school, but as far as an entry into classic science-fiction, there are...
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen Jon Benjamin does the voice of Archer and he's a million times better than the guy in Frisky Dingo. Not to mention the voice of Coach McGuirk in Home Movies, probably most underrated show of the past 10-15 years.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Ok, I went into Brooks Brothers today, and saw something I really liked. The tattersall in blue. It is very, very light (so it will probably break!) But, I thought this was a perfect balance of style and cost. On sale now, for $40, you get something more distinctive than a plain black umbrella. Case closed ! I absolutely love the tan...
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