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I'd say replace the crystal and get a band that you know you'd like to wear. The put new scratches and wear on it through your life, and pass it on to someone else with that tradition.
Just found a Hickey Freeman navy blazer, size 42R, at my local Goodwill, and bought it. It's absolutely gorgeous, two buttons (a very dark brass), side vents, 90% wool/10% cashmere, nice slim fit, and I'm so chuffed. I'll post some pics when my camera is fully charged. I do love it, but if anyone is interested in it, shoot me a PM. solitary mile in 9:22. About 3/4ths of the way round my left calf just screwed itself up into a little ball of pain and I had to hobble the last 400m. The past week whenever I've been out for a run I feel as though my calves are going to cramp around the first mile, but are fine shortly after, but today I couldn't even get past one. Any idea if this is simply overexertion on my part, or a dietary thing (lack of potassium maybe?), or just a simple injury?
Reminds me of when I last went to Rome. Still lots of historical old buildings and such, but outside the traditional center of the city it didn't feel very 'Roman', so to speak. The haziness of the city due to smog (and the summer heat) probably didn't help things. Unfortunately, things in Greece don't look to be getting any better in the near future, which is a tragedy really.
[Obligatory Patriotic Plug for Grand Old England Goes Here] But other than my obvious suggestion, I agree with the Caribbean idea, but I would most highly recommend either South Africa (which my future father-in-law has told me is his favorite foreign country) or New Zealand, which is probably the pinnacle of beautiful English-speaking nations, and in September will have great weather. Definitely go for the north of NZ, and near the coast. Christchurch and Wellington...
I walked into a Spring store the other day (or is it "Call It Spring" now? They seem to have changed their name...) and they had a couple different styles of boat(-ish) shoes that I'm looking for an excuse to buy. Came in around $50 if I recall, and they had some interesting colours and designs. Check their website under "moccasins" and see if there's something you like.
Ugh don't get me started on Suarez and Neymar...both players seem like Robinho's waiting to happen, especially Neymar.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter now I happen to think it calls for some fun pants, like a forest green, or maroon would look great. +1 on the maroon suggestion
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Athens isn't actually a city. It's more of a Mediterranean landfill, which is populated by an alarming number of people who are too lazy to leave. It mostly just accumulates things that the rest of Europe has no use for. Many people see Paris as facing a similar decline (if nothing is done to reverse certain trends), due to overcrowding and other such things that are the bane of most major cities nowadays....
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero A flight from Paris to the best city in Europe costs exactly nothing. I don't presume to have the requisite knowledge to rank cities in such a way as to designate one as the "best". I have favorites, and certainly some are better than others, but in classical terms both Rome and Athens have a bigger claim to such a title as Paris, so I tend not to throw my hat into such discussions.
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