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Brand-New Dolce & Gabbana Black leather belt, now on AUCTION - $9.99 starting bid!
Levi's 505s. Bought two pairs with my first paycheck, wore them until they were shredded, and sent them to Levi's to be replaced for free. That's really the best thing about Levi's jeans; you pay $40 for a pair, and if you keep them reasonably clean, you can send them back for a replacement pair if they rip or wear out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD One thing is for certain - all of the top four clubs have major holes in their teams right now. United's midfield is a mess, Chelsea lacks width and overall delivery into the box, Arsenal are losing their most influential players, City seems stacked but they play like they're the last line of defense in trench warfare. United's midfield was a mess. Adding Young, and hopefully getting Nasri and Sneijder will...
Quote: Originally Posted by tullytra What is their infatuation with Levi's? I had a younger professor who told the class when she studied abroad in Germany they loved the Levi's she was wearing, and some of the other students offered to buy them from her at high prices. Mainly because Levi's have placed very strict restrictions on the export of their product. If you notice, on websites such as Macys.com, there is a fine print saying that Levi's...
Generally I only go to outlets to get casual clothes and accessories, since I take advantage of buy-1-get-50%-off deals to stock up. The Tanger outlets in New York are pretty good for that purpose, as are the Premium Outlets in Orlando, FL. I don't really impulse buy formal items, so I normally try to get exactly what I'm looking for at retail than get something kinda close from an outlet, but that's just me.
1. White (solid) w/ French cuffs 2. Light blue (solid) w/ French cuffs 3. Medium blue (solid) w/ Barrel cuffs 4. Light blue w/ white stripes w/ French cuffs My rational for #3 is that it's a versatile colour, and the shirt itself can be more casual than the others.
Maybe if it had different buttons, but as-is it would look awkward as a SC.
As promised, some pics of the Hickey Freeman blazer I found the other day: The buttons are very nice, but are not as "bright" as they appear in the photo below. They have "St.Georgius Equium Patronus" embossed on them. Size 42R, 90% wool/10% cashmere. Single vent at the back. Sleeves are 25.5", shoulder to shoulder is 19", and its 32" in length. It's a fairly slim fit. It needs dry cleaning to take care of a few wrinkles, but its in perfect...
After Hours - A fantastic film by Scorcese that many people have forgotten, sadly.
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