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For sale is a gorgeous navy Hickey Freeman blazer in their "Madison" cut. The blazer is 10% Cashmere/90% Wool, with metal buttons, single vent, three pockets on the front, three inside plus a pen pocket. The blazer's measurements are: Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 19" Sleeves: 25.5" Armpit to Armpit: 20.5" Top of collar to hem: 32" It fits closer to a 40R, but with a little more room in the chest. Definitely a great fit, just not for me. The fabric is in perfect shape with no...
I agree with this. I've seen Zegna suits that look dreadful on people because of fit problems, and I've seen people in suits from Zara that looked very good. Ultimately, if your suit doesn't fit properly, it doesn't matter if it's from Target or Saville Row. If these suits fit, the material is decent, and the price isn't overly inflated then they're a worthwhile choice. If the suit looks bad, then it's the buyer's fault 90% of the time, because it doesn't fit properly.
Found a Zegna pinstripe dress shirt, but the size was marked 16/42, and it looked like a tent when I tried it on, so I left it. Would have cost me $4 had I gone for it, but I never find good stuff in my size...
I think Kiwi makes a good cordovan polish, but if you're looking to keep the colour and let it age a bit, then they (Kiwi) make a neutral polish that's pretty good.
So, I'm gonna be up in NYC for a couple weeks starting Tuesday, and I'm planning on saving room in my luggage for new acquisitions. What/where are the best thrift stores in the city for you guys? Probably near the east village, right?
^ This.Many of those could also apply to Tevez.
There's no logical reason why those 'space bags' should reduce the overall volume of clothes when packed. When you fill a suitcase to the brim and force it closed, you are forcing any extra air out of the way to compress the clothes down, and unless you are packing a down parka or pillows, the minuscule amount of space you save through compression comes at the cost of the thick plastic used to construct those things, and the reduced amount of flexibility in packing. ...
Stephen Fry. A natural conversationalist if there ever was one.
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