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Do you have contact information for the person you use in Montreal? I'm sure some of us travel there enough to use his services if we cannot find someone in Toronto.
Being a size 4. I wish St. Crispin's had proportional pricing.
Hi Guys: Allen Edmonds. Fell on the side walk and scraped the toe on these shoes. Unfortunately the scraped area will no longer take shoe polish. I tried Allen Edmonds paste polish, hard polishes, etc. Nothing will cover this up. Is this something a shoe cobbler can fix?
Just arrived. My modest Model 315, CRU 604, on a personal last. Posed in front of my other pairs of St. Crispins. Now to start thinking about what to order next. Many thanks to Philip Car and Leatherfoot (Toronto).
Recent Samuelsohn MTM sport coat. The short length is intentional. I'd like opinions on fit and alterations to improve if possible. Best regards. Note. 5'4". About 135 lbs.
Pardon the lighting and photography but here is a shot of my new MTO burgundy oxfords. I went with a little stitching around the lacing but I think I prefer the cleaner look of an adulterated wholecut. These shoes don't scream for attention but hey sometimes we need to tone it down.. The color is very nice. The staining has some interesting texture and overall I think the shade of burgundy is very versatile. These shoes are made off a 4E last. I have small feet. Note to...
I think they proportion well even at the smaller size. Much better than something with a toe cap like the shoes I'm wearing in my avatar picture.Also, I'm not really uptight about my shoe size.
Hi VRaivo:I measure 10.5 inches from the longest point, straight from heal to toe, on the bottom of the sole. Is this the measure you want? Do I win something if I have the shortest measure?
My new MTO. Standard fare except for the fact that I think I am the only with a 4.5 F last. Yes I have small feet. Courtesy of Leatherfoot Toronto.
Hi OTCtailor:You are spot on with my body shape being a challenge with the front of my jackets. I usually have some bowing at the lapels the first go around and then the tailor has do their magic.I assume the suggestions for "lengthening the front balance" would have to happen when ordering my next MTM? Or is there something my tailor could do try and get the front balance correct?Best,Mim
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