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Cool site and they had an awesome selection!
New to the site...thought I'd try uploading after examining other forums. Check out the first pic too! 7 for All Mankind jeans look great, as does the shirt on the last page. I've got to say I'm becoming a huge fan of the board shorts that are fitted and come up a few inches above the knee. You just have to stay fit to pull them off.
By the way what exactly is a scuba shirt? I tend to really enjoy shirts that were used by industrial workers or military style clothing. Basically shirts that look like they're meant for being used for something...a bit of a rugged look to it. Is it anything like that? Are they still made?
Well that's a shame! It's a beautiful shirt. I've never heard of a scuba shirt but it sounds interesting. Those stripes remind me of a Saint James sweater, but I love how they continue to the sleeves.
Well I wouldn't say I'm stressed, but if someone here might have an idea of something similar then it's worth a try! Plus I have my fair share of polos, if I want to enhance my wardrobe I think changing things up a bit is the best way to go.
I recently stumbled across this GQ article and found a magnificent polo shirt by Michael Bastian (picture 6). The only problem was that I cannot find anything striped like this on the web. I'm not cheap when it comes to clothes, but $595 is ridiculous. Help??
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