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I am looking for a suit in 36s All offers welcome (dont need navy, charcoal or black) Thanks
Thanks, appreciate it!
The shoe trees fit, maybe a little on the tight side. A crease forms near the top of the shoe, does this mean its the wrong size shoe tree or am I using the shoe tree incorrectly? Any help would be great. Thanks guys.
what is the drop?
Can someone confirm? Doesnt seem to work for me anymore
Ive been buying the twill. Its really a judgment call. twill is naturally non-iron and poplin needs to be treated with chemicals to be non-iron so may lose that characteristic after many cycles.Example is:'s-shirts/men's-dress-shirts/White-twill-non--iron-slim-fit-shirt?q=usddefault||FN017WHT|||||4363,1607,||||||||
Ive always been happy with their twill non-iron shirts. You can try their egyptian cotton black label shirts and see how much better they are than the twill I'd be interested to know as well if you dont mind reporting back.
Their collars are probably their defining characteristic, their collars are very stiff, you wont be let down.I have 10-20 ct shirts and ive found that their tailored (extra slim) shirts fit me quite well. i am 5'7 150lbs with an athletic build, 15/33 left maybe an inch on both side of extra space, it could be taken in a little more but i havent found any BB shirts to fit this well fwiw.
Does material play a big difference?
Does cardigan fit tts are a bit larger?
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