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I had two suits made at the end of last year. I am happy with them
How much do you think 90% of Attorney's make at entry level? The answer: 50-60K
Yes. I prefer to not remove my phone every time i want to sit down.
I have the same problem, but with my side pipe.
I would also look into Brooks Brothers MTM. I've had success with it. 20% promotion going on right now.
I would not get so many MTM pieces done at once. Get one of each item. If they turn out well, place a second order when you pick up the first.
A lot of people in those types of industries (ibanking big law) like to exaggerate numbers. They think the number is a "badge of honor." All it truly means is that they are not very efficient with time.
Somebody has a huge ego. I'm surprised it can fit on the internet
lol. His "hot" ride was a Porsche Boxster.
A lot of people bust their ass. In fact, some people even more qualified than you probably did not get the positions. Some luck is involved in everything.
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