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There are plenty of internships available for law students. Work for a judge, work for a federal agency, work for a state agency. They do not pay, but experience is more important.
Had something happen the other day that has never happened before. Sold a few ties on and the buyer claimed that they were "old and faded" despite the fact that they were like new and really never worn. So of course ebay and paypal put a freeze on those funds and eventually found in the buyer's favor. However, for reasons not known, ebay also found me at fault and paid the buyer the refund itself, and is not requiring me to refund ebay. So the buyer got a pretty good...
Since i am very slim i like Zara for fashion suits. I tend to get the really fashion forward suits for a night out. I would not wear them to the office.
Depending on brand, i typically try a 1/2 smaller.
Women don't just magically start lactating as soon as a baby is born.
Well, she was just going into labor. Who knows how long it would have lasted. It seems like there was complications forcing an emergency surgery.
Yes. That was Andrew. He was the prisoner that ran into the yard and was then locked out by Rick. What i did not understand was Lori sacrificing herself to save the baby. How are you going to feed a baby? It is not like the grocery store is open. And even if you found formula, would it not be expired? I'm sure it has expiration dates. We know that the group has been separated from Andrea for about 7 months. They were on the farm probably a few weeks at the minimum....
Black prisoner = new t-dawg?
Specific measurements? Chest? Sleeve length? Room for lengthening sleeves?
Completely screwed? No. Kind of screwed? Yeah. Your best chance at employment following law school is to pick up a summer associate position through the on campus interviews after your first year. If you do not land one, which a lot of students don't, you have some work to do. Just build up your resume by doing the best internships as possible (smaller firms, federal agencies, federal judges) and hope for the best. The legal market is complete crap right now. Even the...
New Posts  All Forums: